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Category: Heavy Equipment
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how do i run overhead on a 1999 series 60 detroit

Customer Question

how do i run overhead on a 1999 series 60 detroit
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Bill replied 8 years ago.

Hello Igor,

Do you have a label on the rocker cover I will need the model number to get you the proper specs, it should be 6067xx,"x" standing for the two letters that signify which engine you have. Also do you have jake brakes? You will need a set of feeler gages, and an injector height tool, injector tool usually available from Detroit dealer or Freightliner.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Expert:  Bill replied 8 years ago.

Hello again Igor,

To set your overhead you will first have to remove the rocker cover, and then the Jake brakes, clean a spot on the top of the jake assembly to mark them and put back in the same place. You then will have to establish valve overlap. Valve overlap is the point in rotation at which the exhaust valves are closing and the intake valves opening. The intake valves are nearest the camshaft. You can usually rotate the engine with at socket on the alternator pulley while standing up so you can see the rocker levers. At the point of overlap different adjustments can be made, have a marker handy and clean a spot on the area where the rocker cover gasket sets on the head so you can mark which you have done, v for valves and I for injectors. After setting the valve and injector screws torque the lock nuts to 35 ft lbs.


Follow this chart as to the sequence for adjusting.


When cylinder #6 is overlapping adjust valves on cylinder #1, injector on #5







After these adjustments have been made reinstall the jakes and torque the cam side bolts to 40 ft lbs then the exh side to 40, then 100ftlbs on cam side 100 on exh side.


Now the jakes must be set, there are two places to set the jakes one is the slave piston the other is the leveling bridge. Find the point in rotation at which the exhaust valve is fully closed and you can set the jake for that set of valves, no particular order. You will first have to back off the adjustment screw on the leveling bridge, the flat bar under the jake, the screw will be on the inboard side of the jake above a exh valve adjuster. With that backed off you can set the slave piston on the other exh valve for that cylinder, set its gap and torque the lock nut to 25ftlbs. Now set the bridge and torque its nut to 35. Make a J mark on the head and move to the next cylinder.


Now for the specs, my book does not list a "dk" in 99 the models offered were fk,bk,hk,mk,and lk. The specs for the intake valves should be 0.203mm or 0.008 in, exhaust should be 0.660mm or 0.026 in, your jakes should be 0.6584mm or 0.023 in for models 760b, 765a,and 770. for jakes 760a,765,790,790a,790b will be 0.660mm, or 0.026in. The model number of your jake should be on a tag on the jake itself. Your injector height for which you will have to buy a tool is should be on the rocker cover, 98-99 specs were 81.0 mm.


Please verify your specs with the tag on the rocker cover since I do not have DK in my book.