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2002 International 4300 with dt466 will not start

Resolved Question:

2002 International 4300 with the dt466, no glow plugs, used to start great in the cold, now it will not start, unless it gets a !tiny! shot of starting fluid. I don't spray it into the intake, just onto the filter. Block heater works great, I get warm air when it's -5. After the truck gets to operating temp, no issues, runs better than when I bought it. Had a new injector in 8/08, 194k miles.

Already Tried:
mechanic told me in the past this truck is glowplugless, only ether works, but trying to avoid it!

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Bill replied 8 years ago.


A few different things can cause hard starting in the cold. One would be low cranking speed, say if your batteries were a few years old. Next would be a bit of air in the fuel system, on the fuel filter housing there is a small cup to the rear of the filter in line. On top of that there is a plug with a cross on it, unscrew it and see if the rubber ball is falling apart. That ball will cause it build fuel pressure slowly and hard be hard starting, also take cup off and check the screen. Lastly would be slow to build injection control pressure. Did you have all the injectors out or just the failed one? The orings could be starting to leak. This engine needs 725 psi of oil pressure to the injectors to start. If you have an injector oring leaking it can be hard to build on the starter either will mask the problem. Try switching to WD-40 instead of the either it is the better of the evils not dry like starting fluid.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Just got something new this morning, maybe it will help in diag. While cranking the engine "tried" to start, got a few fires but not enough to get it running. When I bought the truck, even if I left it unplugged in the cold, it would only take literally 1/2 revolution and it would jump to life, then after the injector replacement, it went downhill. The truck was driven for 46 miles under load with the injector noticeably out, could that have anything to do with it? The screen is good. I only had the one injector repaired because they were not cheap! Is there a way to check if the injector orings are good without pulling them?
Expert:  Bill replied 8 years ago.

Why yes there is a way to check the injector orings. On the left side of the head there is a long steel manifold, there should be a braided steel line from the high pressure pump to this manifold. Remove the line from the manifold, and pressurize the system with compressed air into the manifold. Listen for leaks if you hear any remove the rocker cover and find out which injector is leaking. Replace the orings on that injector.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Awesome! will attempt air pressurization tomorrow am, and in a bittersweet way hopefully I can hear some pressure loss.