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i have an international dt 530 engine with a huey fuel system.

Resolved Question:

i have an international dt 530 engine with a huey fuel system. it was calling a code 333 witch means the icp sensor was not getting desired pressure. when hooked up to a computer and everything tests fine untill its under a load at hight rpm. its not untill it needs 3100 psi but only gets 2700. we replaced the high pressure oil pump, the regulator, the icp sensor, the o rings on the injectors and even the ecm and still the same thing. it runs smooth and dont have any performance issues untill it calls a code and durates the engine because its not getting desired pressure. i dont know what else it can be. the injectors all tested fine also and im not getting oil in the fuel or fuel in the oil. everything is replaced on the high pressure side. any ideas?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Diesel Pro replied 8 years ago.



Remove the valve cover and look at the injectors to see if you have oil shooting out of the sides or top of injectors with a the engine at idle. I have heard problems with the HEUI systems that sometimes leak oil from a hairline crack on the injector or a pinched o ring.


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