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Cummins engine..manual says..The light came..mechanics

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F750 with a cummins engine has a stop engine light on. The manual says to take it to the dealer and they will get that light off. The light came on because the operators ignored the particulet filter light that requires mechanics to put it in re-generation. What can you do at a local shop to get that light out?



What they do at the dealer is this, they hook up a computer and check to see if your system is in good shape, then they clear the fault. Which in turn, will clear your light. It is similar to the check engine light. I recommend that you get for your self a scanner (small computer) for your cummins engine, which you can find advertised in any Diesel Power magazine. I think they are made by Banks Diesel and Predator. That way when issues like this come up, you can do the reset yourself.NOTE: after so many miles, that particulate filter is supposed to get change out, or else your light might come back.


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Diesel Pro

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you. We do have a scanner the problem is that it would not let me clear the code will it was in stop engine mode. What we finally did in desperation was run the engine at high idle for about seven minutes. On its own it brought the regeneration light back on and form there we put it into re-generation mode. It will run at an increased rpm for about twenty minutes then come back to idle. I'm reading that it is burning up the particulates. I guess I did not make my question clear. Can we hurt the Cummins engine by throttling it up like this to try to force it out of stop engine mode? The truck has 1600 hours on it. That makes it new for me.
The truck is new at 1600 hours, and i do not think it will hurt the engine to run it at high idle. Just make sure the engine is not cold when you do this. Do you have a check engine light that comes and goes? Does the truck have any codes. If yes, what is it?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The light on the dash was stop engine red light. the code is 3251. My scan tool would not let me remove that code.

What type of engine oil and what type of diesel fuel do you use?

Because with this engine being a 2009, it requires you to use low ash engine oil that meets CES20081 standards. Same with the fuel, it requires Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel only or bio-diesel fuel. You cant use the regular number 2 diesel. Failure to use this oil or fuel will result in serious damage to the exhaust after treatment system (particulate filter) or engine.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What is the code 3251 telling me please? We do use a 15/40 weight of diesel engine oil. Because of air quality control on a airport I'm almost sure we use low sulfur fuel. As a matter of fact if you have a vehicle smoking excessively you can be reprimanded and also receive a fine. At this point I would be happy to hear what the code 3251 means. That more than anything would satisfy my curiosity.



Since your engine is the latest and greatest, i could not find a code definition. Try to repost your question using the code number.Maybe someone else can answer that.


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