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Caterpillar..tractor wont move forward of reverse..either direction

Resolved Question:

D6D -4X 2998 Caterpillar . What could be wrong if tractor won't move forward of reverse. You can feel it going into gear and the tractor will try to move either direction. The brakes are not locked and I have checked the screen and the magnets. I have changed filters, and have 425 pressure at the filter. What do you think I need to check from here. The transmission and all valves have been rebuilt less than 200 hours ago. All hose have been replaced. Wondering if I have internal problems.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  catmastertech replied 8 years ago.
First open the floor plate and watch the driveshaft. In neutral it should spin freely. In gear it will stop. To check the transmission for failure, pull both steering clutch levers all the way back. Driveshaft should spin freely. If it does, transmission and bevel gears are good. This will mean problem is in the brakes. Parking brake linkage is the most common problem for this model. It can be pushed over center and not release even when the lever is pushed back down. If you still think problem is in transmission and the tractor does not have a winch, you can remove the center plate on the rear of the transmission case to inspect the bevel gear for damage. If the bevel gear looks good you may need to go into the control valve.
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