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Forklift Starts has no power and dies. Propane Fueled. Can

Customer Question

Forklift Starts has no power and dies. Propane Fueled. Can find no problems in converter. Coil or condenser, Maybe?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  CaseFace replied 8 years ago.


Bad Condenser will cause that exact problem,

it's common.

Replace that and you should be good to go.


You could try running it on carb cleaner first

and see if it does the same thing, probably condenser



Let me know what happens.






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Expert:  daves71 replied 8 years ago.
Hi Richard ,most all lpg forklifts have a filter in a round housing attatched to the vaporizor/regulator assembly and over time the filters get plugged up.If you havent replaced this in quite awhile its probobly the problem,also check the throttle shaft on the carb as i've found some with quite a bit of play.1 last item is coolant level,without heat in the regulator the lp lines have a tendancy to freeze up.Thanks,Dave
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This Unit only has 443 hours on the Meter, I have looked at all of the things Except the Throttle Shaft, Which does not appear to be the problem because when I operate the Throttle by hand it appears to be okay, This whole deal seems to be a real Puzzle as nothing seems to make sense as it will start right back up and run for a few minutes and die again. it is like it has a fuel lock out, but I can not find one, I changed the condensor out also, That was thw delay in getting back, as I had to wait for one to come in, My hick town auto parts had to order one in, I did replace the felt fuel Filter
Expert:  daves71 replied 8 years ago.
ok I think your on the right track with the lockout valve , it is most commonly a vacum operated valve located between the tank and vaporizer(some are electric but few)and most have a screen inside that may be blocked,kind of like the machine runs until it sucks the lines dry,you wait 20 min and it runs for a few more min.See if you can find the fuel lock off and i'll pull my books and do some more hunting.thanks,Dave
Expert:  daves71 replied 8 years ago.
Have you tried switching the lpg tank with another tank?Look for a vacum line running to the vaporizer/regulator ,see if its off or split and if vacum is present when you are able to run it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have tried 2 differant tanks, no improvement. That fuel supply line runs Directly to the Converter, there is however a vacum port on the converter, the line is on it tight enough that I have not been able to get it off, that line does run to the bottom side of the Carberator, I have not been able to determine if there is vaccum present though. I would like to be able to get a gauge on that line, so that I can actually see if there is vaccum present. I am not sure how that fuel lockout works,as I had both sides of it apart the other day when I changed out the felt filter, and really did not get a feeling as to what is realy supposed to happen with that diaphram and lever with the flat rubber seal on it. every thing looked to be in very good shape. I took the cover off of the bottom one also looking for a build up of Propane Grease,, as I do not believe that anyone knows what the HD5 Spec was for anymore. I believe that they are letting a lot of contaminates into the mixture these days. I will do some more digging around. I feel like a Fool because I actually think that the answer is simple, Just overlooking something that should be obvious.. Thank You
Expert:  daves71 replied 8 years ago.
I've been digging too.Lets start at the gas inlet,if you barely crack the inlet line to the lock off valve/filter(yes thats where the lock off valve is) and put soapy water doues it bubble (leak) for a good while?(NO SMOKING)If it does then apply a vacum(pump) at the vacum port on the lock off valve and loosen the line to the vaporizer and see if there is any fuel leaking.If this is ok ,loosen big line from regulator to carb push primer button apply vacum(key on)and see if you have gas flow.WOW talk about WORK.thanks ,let me know ,Dave
Expert:  daves71 replied 8 years ago.
try this outgraphic
Expert:  CaseFace replied 8 years ago.


Get a can of carburator cleaner.


When the truck starts to die spray

some cleaner down the carb and see

is it will stay running on the cleaner.


You need to establish if it is a fuel problem.

If it stays running on the cleaner then you

have a fuel problem.


If not you need to look elsewhere for a problem.


Trying this first was mentioned in my answer before

it was interrupted.





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I just came in from playing with it again, didn't have any Carb Cleaner, but had Break Parts Cleaner the Fumes From that Shit when it burns could very well be deadly. I'm talking doors open and the fumes damm near got Me. But it will run on that shit. Played awhile longer after i Recovered. If you keep playing with that choke button you can get it to stay running for quite awile, but you have no power at all Vaccum to the fuel lock is about 13lbs. I would think that should be plenty. I can suck on that fuel lock and it keeps The Vaccum on it for quite some time. it just seems like it is not leaving enough fuel get thru.
Expert:  CaseFace replied 8 years ago.


Brake cleaner will lock your lungs right up.

I tried on a car 20 years ago and almost died.


Never done it again!!


I be back in a little while.


Expert:  CaseFace replied 8 years ago.


I see you have the vacuum lock off.


You can bypass the lock off and just run

it off the convertor.


The lock off is only a requirement for indoor use,

for testing purposes you can bypass it.


You should be able to see how that is done.


It is just a matter of removing it and putting the hose

on the converter.


I have rebuilt more than a few convertors, I have come to

my own conclusion on a few of them there seamed to have cracking

in the convertor and it was hit or miss with rebuilding.


I always had a test converter on hand.


Bypass the lock off and see what happens.