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3406 cat engine bolt torque specs

Customer Question

3406 cat engine bolt torque specs
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Dan Boy replied 8 years ago.

hi bigred

What torques are you looking for and is it a 3406, 3406b or 3406e? If you have your serial # XXXXX we can really be certain that you get the correct information.

Expert:  Cat Instructor replied 8 years ago.

I cannot give you the exact specs. on torque, but I would reccommend you call your local Caterpillar Dealer, Service Department with the Exact Model and Serial #. The Mod. and Ser.# is usually on the Valve Cover information plate, it is also on the side of the engine block at the right or left rear. Caterpillar is constantly updating its information so this is the most accurate way to get the correct specs. Usually the dealer service dept. will give you this information over the phone. Worst case is you might have to go to the dealership and have them look up the numbers you need.

Expert:  Don replied 8 years ago.
Happy new year i have found this for you it gives torque and sequance
if this helps you please press accept and leave me feed back i will also post the web site address for you thanks

Mechanic's Help

3406 B
Valve setting clearance.
Int. 015

No. 1 T.D.C. Intake 1.2.4
Exhaust 1.3.5
360 Deg. Intake 3.5.6
Exhaust 2.4.6

3406 B Torque Specs

Mains190 + 10 lb.ft + 120 degrees
Rods65 lb.ft + 120 degrees
Head345 lb.ft / 3/8 bolts = 35 lb.ft
Jakes100 lb.ft / 48 lb.ft
Injector Retainer40 lb.ft
Fuel Line hats35 lb.ft

3406 E
Torque Specs

Mains200 lb.ft + 120 degrees
Rods70 lb. + 90 degrees
Head350 lb
Jakes(80 lb. bolts) (60 lb. nuts)
Injector 46 lb

Cam Side:

3406 E

Valve Adjustment No. 1 TDC Intake 1,2,4
Intake - .015 Exhaust 1,3,5
Exhaust - .030 No. 6 TDC Intake 3,5,6
Exhaust 2,4,6
Inj. Adjustment No. 1 TDC 3,5,6
Turn 360 deg. 1,2,4
Jake - Slave Piston Lash Setting
435 H.P. .030 in.
410 H.P. .027 in.


Torque Specs
Mains35 lb. ft. + 130 deg. = 2 flats
Rods35 lb. ft. + 60 deg. = 1 flat
60 / 100 lb. ft. / 3/8 - 35 lb. ft.
Rocker Shafts
25 lb. ft.
Valve Clearance
Int .015
Exh .025

Cummins B.C. Torque Specs.

Head Bolt: 310 Ft. lbs.

Mains: 1 1/2" 310 Ft. lbs

1 1/8" 265 Ft. lbs

Rods: 150 Ft. lbs


Cummins B.C. Valve Settings

Intake .011

Exhaust .023 5" Inch lbs.

Valves Injector

A 5 3

B 3 6

C 6 2

A 2 4

B 4 1

C 1 5


Cylinder Head Cores Minimum Thickness for Core Acceptance


Cummins Head

Small Cam - N-14 Min. 4.35"
L-10 Min. 3.925"
4 and 6 BT Min. 3.725"
Cat Heads
3406 A and B Min. 4.420"
3406 E
Min. 4.725"
Detroit Heads
71 and 92 Min. 3.550"
Series 60 Min. 6.490"
Expert:  Don replied 8 years ago.
Good Morning have you had time to review the data i sent you

if it helps please press accept and leave feed back
if you still have questions please let me know