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where is the crank position sensor on a 2ws 3406e located?

Customer Question

where is the crank position sensor on a 2ws 3406e located?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Dan Boy replied 8 years ago.

Hi drnorris

The crank sensor is located in the front cover on the driver's side of the engine up towards the top as it runs off of the cam. When you remove the sensor pull out on the inside end and make sure that the position wheel is not at a notch when you reinstall it and it will automatically set itself at the proper distance from the position wheel to get a good signal. If the end is not pulled out it can be too far away when reinstalled and not read the notches correctly to find tdc.

Expert:  Dan Boy replied 8 years ago.
sorry drnorris that is cam sensor. Crank sensor is also in front cover drivers side but inline with crank. These two sensors make a redundant system and both would have to fail for engine not to start. With the injectors solenoids clicking it would tell me that these sensors are working. Removing the crank sensor will not verify tdc#1 as the notch is also there at tdc#6. 1 and 6 are at tdc at same time. If you remove cam sensor and watch through the hole tdc#1 will have a wider notch than the rest.