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Category: Heavy Equipment
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cat 3304 head. injector removal and install valve clearence

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cat 3304 head. injector removal and install? valve clearence sequence?
The nozzles are easy to install I would replace them unless they are low hour cheap insurance to losing a nozzle tip and if they are high hour a performance boost. The valves are .015" intake and .025" exhaust to set with the fly wheel pined through the flywheel housing with a 3/8" bolt you will be at #1 Top center compression or #4 top dead center compression which ever one has loose rockers is the one on the compression stroke the opposite one will have intake and exhaust tight. for #1 TDC you will adjust intake valves on 1 & 2 exhaust on 1 and 3 roll engine 360 degrees to pin again or make a reference mark on the balancer which is easier then you are on #4 TDC you will adjust intake valves 4 & 3 and exhaust 4& 2. To pull the nozzles I have a slide hammer adapter to do it works slick you can make one out of an old fuel line or use a heel bar under the hold down works you have to fight it sometimes. If you are reusing the nozzles you need to clean the tips and install new carbon dams the with seal near the tip of the nozzle they sell a tool to install them at your CAT dealer or if you bought your gaskets there they will throw them on for you. I would suggest replacing the nozzles if you can afford it though. I just looked at the machine you have and it could be a Precombustion Cup engine not direct injected in this case you have the large splined cups the capsule nozzles are inside of for these to remove the nozzles remove the hold down that is on top of the Pre Cup it takes a 7/8" of 15/16" to get it off then the nozzle and nozzle body should come right out the nozzle is hand tight on the body then on reassembly replace the seal on the hold down and torque to 105 ft lbs I would replace the capsule nozzles as well if I was in there they are pretty infamous for going out of spec on pop off psi you may of thought it was running fine but with some new nozzles it may run allot better they are not that expensive $45.85 a piece for the capsule nozzles for a pre cup engine. Just food for thought. Thanks Kevin
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