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catmech69, Lead Technician
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  25+ years Diesel engine tech
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Customer Question

I have a Massey Ferguson 393 tractor with cab. How do I replace the seals in the power steering cylinder. The end seal has what appears to be a packing that can be unscrewed with a spanner wrench but when I turn it the packing does not unscres
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  catmech69 replied 8 years ago.
As you turn the head, look in the slot, you will see a flat metel band, as you turn it you can see the end of the metal band, stop there and get a small pick and pry that band up through the slot. and spin the head to roll out that band.. your head will then come off. reverse procedure to put it back together.

Good Luck
Expert:  catmech69 replied 8 years ago.
there should be a small "slot" opening on the barrell of the cylinder about 1 inch down from the head that you are trying to remove, it may be covered by a plug of some sort.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I found the slot. Thanks. I was able to get the retainer out and the end cap and seals will come out approximately 1/4 inch and then will move no further out of the cylinder. I have tried pushing the piston out of the cylinder but it seems to be against a stop of some sort within the cylinder. I have tried taping on the piston shaft but it moves to the end of travel and then hits a solid stop.The drawing I have of the cylinder does not show anything that should cause it to stop. I do not want to damage the cylinder or shaft. Is it okay to force the poston out or how do I get the shaft seals out.

Thank you

Expert:  catmech69 replied 8 years ago.
Yeah, if you got the retainer out the rest should come apart.. it might take a little effort, but not enough to damage anything.

Good Luck