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Category: Heavy Equipment
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A new question is answered every 9 seconds engine 3176 with electronic injection..trouble codes

Customer Question

hi there i have a 1999 freightliner fl70 with cat engine 3176 with electronic injection and have a no running condition with trouble codes 128 001 -11 pid,128 002 -11 pid,128 003-11 pid,128 004-11pid,128 005-11 pid,128 006-11pid with failure mode not identifiable,it will runn for one minute if i disconnect battery power then it shuts off ,i need help asap ,this is a big company that i do all there repairs but have had no luck on this one
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  DEALERTECH37 replied 9 years ago.
Hi there.welcome to JA. I'm KC. I'm here to assist you if I can. Ok now, I assume you meant 3126. any repairs done to this recently? all them flash codes appear to be injector codes. Ok at key on ,does the check engine light come on and go off like normal, then starts right up? then will run a bit and check engine light back on, then dies? I wanna be clear on this.Thanx..KC
Expert:  DEALERTECH37 replied 9 years ago.
Are you able to hook up and retrieve CAT codes with a prolink or anything.? The 1-6 codes make me believe it is in the injector electrical system, of course that consists of harness,injectors, and ecm which controls injector pulses..
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hi there yes it is a 3126 ,i did asume it was injector codes as it was 1-6,i have a otc code reader for heavy trucks,,,,,, this is the pattern ,key on engine off the check engine light comes on then goes off but then check engine lite starts to flash 8 times then a 15 second pause then flashes 8 times ,i do not need to crank the engine for this event,when i clear codes they come right back when key is cycled back to the on position,a couple of times i have had the codes cleared and found no codes present ,but when i go to crank the motor codes come right back,i have had the valve cover off to inspect the wire harrness for any chafing in the valve train no problems were found,i even rigged up a head lamp to the harrness on the table and ran current to every wire and used my snapon vantage to check amp draw on each wire to injector connectors and all were ok even did a wiggle test on harrness while checking amp draw on the harrness its self still no luck,i do not believe that all the injectors are at fault ,i did not check ohms at each injector as no info was avaliable,,,,at one point i had it running for one hour at idle with no codes listed and no check engine light was on,then the next day i went to start it and no luck,to day i checked for injector pulse at the square gray connector that leads to the injector harrness and found with a logic probe that i had ground all the time and a pulsing power from the ecm but it still would not run ,only when i take battery power away for about 10 min then reconnect it will runn for about 60 seconds and then shut off ,very strange
Expert:  DEALERTECH37 replied 9 years ago.
that 8 flshes then long pause then 8 more dont sound right at all.. normally even through the dash CEL, a cat should should flash any active codes 3 times, like a code 112-04, would be 1 flash, pause, 1flash , pause, and 2 flashes, then do this 3 times, then onto the next active codes or start all over...Do you have access to another truck that you could borrow the ecm from for a few? It may not be processing right, a laptop with cat et program makes this so much easier to diagnose, if we lived in a perfect world..let me know...kc
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks for flash info,i thought it was code 8 or 88,thats why i bought the otc code reader to double check the codes,thank god i double checked,i tryed to obtain the cat software before i bought the code reader and now wish i had more info, before i condem the ecm i would like to check power and grounds and input wave forms and out put wave forms,but i need a ecm pin out diagram along with wire harness diagram,and main relay location,but have struck out for the info ,i am a 23 year gasoilne runnabilaty tech and a 1 year heavy truck tech and confident to perform these task if i had a information source ,can you direct me to information that i can obtain ,i have alldata and they do not do heavy trucks ,do you know if these ecms are plug in and drive or do they have to be flashed for info,are there any relearn programs that have to be done if any input sensors are replaced as the injector height if the injectors are removed ect ect ect
Expert:  DEALERTECH37 replied 9 years ago.
Yes they are put on and drive to a degree, you may have an active code for something like a pararmeter output maybe different, BUT it will run and at least allow you to see if the codes return, but since now it is just a code 88, that makes it a little easier. Getting that info unless you have access to cat site, which i dont have anymore, however I do have the info needed at my work. I work days and can at least get code info, pin outs,. etc,, , gettin you a copy of a diagram maybe a little difficult as i dont have a scanner, ..and no relearn programs, for sensors , long as the ecm is the same style, programming is all generic..let me know...kC