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Richard Han
Richard Han, Doctor (MD)
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Experience:  Pediatrician at the Banner Health Center- Surprise, AZ
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My total cholesterol is Ldl is 150. I forget what

This answer was rated: total cholesterol is Ldl is 150. I forget what the Hdl is. Can you explain what this means? Also I had an EKG done at my primary doctors office and it came back Abnormal. It says Possible nteroseptal infect probably old. I'm a bit confused if I am in danger or not. I have very high blood pressure which I take med for that keeps it controlled. I also have anxiety and take med for it. I am 124 lbs. 54 years old with a family history of heart attacks and strokes.
Hello my name is***** and I am a board-certified pediatrician. I have seen adolescents and young adults who have had similar findings. I also routinely help friend and family interpret their medical test results. I would be happy to help you. May I assist you or would your prefer someone else?
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you. Your total cholesterol is above the desired level of less than 200. The LDL also is higher than the optimal less than 100. The EKG looks at electrical activity of the heart muscle and certain changes can suggest stress, strain or even muscle death depending on the patterns revealed. A "possible old septal infarct" means a portion of the muscle that divides the two halves of your heart, right from left, is non-functional, and likely at some point in the past wasn't receiving enough blood flow and oxygen causing that portion of the muscle to die, as in a heart attack, but that it was small enough that it did not cause you feel chest pain or even notice. This suggests you may have atherosclerosis or clogging of the blood vessels that feed the heart muscle.There is a tool called a 10 year cardiovascular risk assessment that I can estimate for you, if you can provide me with some more info.
1. Can you tell me your race? (white, black, other)
2. Do you smoke?
3. Do you have diabetes?
4. What is your average blood pressure now on your medication? (Specifically the systolic or top number)
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I meant possible anteroseptal infarct...and I am caucasian, yes I smoke, and my blood pressure is well controlled. Without medication natural is 190/100. I just don't know if I should go for further testing. I get pinching type pains sometime on left side of chest
I would definitely recommend seeing a cardiologist with all of this information, who would likely want to do further testing. He/she may order an echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound to assess how well your heart is functioning, and possibly a stress test to see if you may be developing any worsening atherosclerosis. You history of high blood pressure, smoking, elevated cholesterol and family history of heart attacks/stroke put you in a higher risk category. With left sided chest pain I would be concerned you may be experiencing angina, or heart related chest pain due to decreased blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle tissue.Do you have any other questions or concerns I can help with?
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