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Dear doctor, I write to you, because I have been

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Dear doctor, I write to you, because I have been experiencing some sort of “mind pops” for the last couple of months. It’s like memories from years ago, or “images” appearing out of nowhere. While I’m in the shower, reading, cleaning etc. It is not only memories from “real life” but also from very old dreams. - I keep having these small flashbacks to dreams I have had in the past. I can be doing something completely unrelated and then I get this sudden flash memory from a dream. I have had it now several times over the last week. Prior to this I have had problems with fleeting memories that I can't grasp. I googled and literally everything I read about these random recollections points to temporal lobe epilepsy and simple partial seizures where you remain completely aware. I found that brain tumours can cause these seizures. Now I am beside myself thinking the worst. I am becoming more and more distressed. Convinced it's a brain tumour and have now made myself feel terrified. It only lasts 1 – 2 seconds. If it was an “aura” or a part of TLE would’t the duration be longer? Like 15 seconds or more? Can this be caused by anxiety? Best regards, Kathrine

Hi there,
This is Dr Basu, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.
I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.

Do you have any headache?
Any loss of consciousness, incontinence?

Any facial weakness, speech changes?

Any limb weakness?

Any vision changes like double vision?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I have double vision, but it has been examined, and there is no cranial nerve palsy, and no intracranial pressure.- Kathrine

Ok thanks for your reply.

Since there are no other symptoms, chances of brain tumor is very slim.

The nostalgic memory flashes can be due to the stress, or psychological disturbances commonly.

Did you have any brain scan done recently?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
No scans.
I have health-anxiety, but I don't think that is the reason for this. Can it be a "simple partial seizure" when it last for only one second?- Kathrine

That is also unlikely since you do not seem to lose consciousness or space out usually.

However, this possibility can be checked with Electroencephalogram ( EEG).

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I see. I do not at all lose consciousness or space out. I'm completely aware.Here is an example: I'm in the shower reaching for the shampoo and then suddenly I see a glimpse of a past dream - The rooftop of a theaterbuilding I dreamt about for years ago, and I'm like: Where did that come from.Can it be caused by stress?

Yes it can be caused by stress.
Also lack of good overnight sleep can cause this.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I do sleep well. Can it be a normal Phenomenon? Just a mind pop?

Yes of course -- stress can exacerbate it.

Do you take any medication?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
no, I don't
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
you don't think it is a brain-tumor causing this?


Do you feel depressed often?

No I do not think this is brain tumor related or anything serious.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
No, but I have health-anxiety. I have a twinsister (born with cerebral palsy) who is very dependent on me, she really needs me, and I'm afraid I have a brain-tumor, and can't be there for her. I've convinced myself it is a tumor causing seizures. I don't know if that has any relevance.
- Kathrine

Ok the stress from responsibilities to take care of sister and health anxiety are making these manifestations.

I will suggest you to consider psychotherapy sessions to address any inner conflicts and equip you with coping skills.

Best wishes,
It was my pleasure to help you today.
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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I see. Thank you for your help! I will rate you excellent.
- Kathrine

Very welcome

Best wishes

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