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When to my doctor yesterday, everything blood pressure,

Customer Question

when to my doctor yesterday, everything blood pressure, blood sugar, they did a1c was 7.1 they said was good, did blood work, only thing came up was low thyroid, so they sent me to a ophthalmologist today and they said both eye look health and gave me a small eye glass prescription, but I see double vision when I lay down and sometime a blurried vision. when I get up from laying down the double vision usually go away, 51 year old black male, taking high blood pressure and has been taking metformin 1000 twice a day for three years now, was place on allopurinol 300mg two month ago because of high acids or something. what could cause my symptons
JA: When was last time you had a check up? Is there a history of high blood pressure in your family?
Customer: 2 months ago
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the doctor should know?
Customer: have mild to moderate sleep apnea
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Chris C. replied 4 months ago.
The allopurinol would most likely be related to high uric acid levels causing gout (from a collection of crystals in the joints). This would not be related to double vision. Low thyroid depending on exact labs could indicate a need for a thyroid replacement medication such as levothyroxine again depending on your labs and often a run down tired feeling, weight gain, and general sluggish feeling. (The thyroid is a lot like your thermostat in simple terms and controls many things). This also is not likely the cause of vision trouble. Diabetes is always a vision concern but you seem to be working closely with your provider to keep that in check. Sleep apnea on the other hand can cause vision problems related to oxygen levels and positional changes. I assume with the diagnosis you have a cpap and often changes to a mask that doesn't fit properly or minor setting changes to the cpap itself may be the issue and this is something you want to get together with your doctor and discuss if the vision issues due not resolve themselves. I say this because like many people I too wear glasses and even small changes in the prescription or a simple angle adjustment can and in my case has caused headaches, double vision, and very pronounced changes in depth perception making the floor feel as if we're waist high. These are all very much alarming causing concern that something is seriously wrong but something I have been through each and every time I get new glasses or bump the ones I wear out of the same angle I normally wear them. It normally takes a couple weeks to adjust to the new glasses with the headaches, double vision, and depth perception issues to resolve by themselves. I have over 40 years of experience with that unfortunate process. So, while this may be a normal adjustment to the glasses you should be vigilant and insure any sleep apnea issues or cpap equipment is not a factor with your provider. It never hurts to be double checked especially with your other medical conditions.