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A. Schuyler, NP
A. Schuyler, NP, Nurse Practitioner
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board Certified NP, MS, RN. 25 years private practice & hospitalist
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How does an adult who has a DD or ADHD get prescribed the

Customer Question

how does an adult who has a DD or ADHD get prescribed the right kind of medicine so that they will live a more normal life without doing meth or another uppers. Because it clams me down but doctors won't give me Adderall because I have used meth in the bath so they think I'm supplementing when in all reality that's why I use it is to Fillmore normal my mom used to always accuse me of being high when I was sober it would make me so mad what kind of doctor would I need to go to if I don't have insurance to get put on some time medication that will help with my ADHD and how much will it cost me since I don't have insurance or is it even possible
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 11 months ago.


Welcome to Just Answer. My name is***** and I will be helping you today.

Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 11 months ago.

I'm sorry no one has attempted to answer your question. It is because it is such a sensitive one.

The truth is that no provider is going to willingly prescribe a controlled substance such as Adderall to someone with a history of drug abuse. Regardless of the reason someone was taking meth, it is still an illegal drug.

Your best recourse is to contact your local health department and ask them if there is a drug treatment program in your area. There will be since I don't know of any town that doesn't have one. Providers there can prescribe whatever medication is required, but the patient will be monitored regularly to make sure that they are only taking what is being prescribed. Patients are usually welcome whether they are currently using illegal drugs or not. Other services are offered such as counseling. If you have no insurance this may all be covered or there may be a fee. It varies by the community. Generic Adderall should be available for less than $50 a month.

If you want to contact a private psychiatrist and pay out of pocket, an initial visit is typically several hundred dollars. Follow up visits are less (usually less than $175 per visit).

I hope this will answer your question without offending you.

Kind regards,



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