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I've been very stressed about my TMJ recently. Last night, I

Customer Question

Hi doctor,
I've been very stressed about my TMJ recently. Last night, I was fussing around with my nose out of stress, just pushing it left and right. Ended up making the bone at the top quite red and it was paining for a while. Did it for around 10 minutes in the evening as well. Trying to stop myself but ended up doing it anyways. Having quite bad pain now and when I breathe in, my nose cartilage, makes a popping sound at the bottom. This never used to happen earlier. Really worried that I may have fractured it, though there was no bleeding, and it was my own hand. I DID use my own hand for quite a long time though. Do you think the level of trauma I described above (with my fingers pushing against the bone constantly) is enough to have caused a minor break? Can't really see a distinct change in shape, but am slightly worried by the pain/redness, and this newnewly audible popping sound!!
Your assistance and advice would be.greatly appreciated,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 1 year ago.

Hi Arush. This level of trauma would not be expected to cause a fracture. The upper portion of the nose is hard bone and quite strong. The lower portion, however, is cartilage, which is a form of soft bone that can be cracked or bruised rather easily. This does not normally lead to any longterm problems, however, as it heals steadily over time.