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Last night for supper I had 4 pieces of fried chicken (which

Customer Question

Last night for supper I had 4 pieces of fried chicken (which I eat VERY rarely). This morning, about 8 hours later, upon awaking, I immediately experienced a "type" of MINOR "BELCHING" (?) that produced an acidic taste in my mouth SIMULATING "HEARTBURN" (?), but my heart was NOT IN DISTRESS!(I have had regular, similar such incidents during my regular daytime activities, not just waking up to such UPHEAVAL). Following this rude awakening I then almost right after the aftertaste (was not fried chicken, but ACIDIC TASTE) BEGAN TO EXPERIENCE EXTREME BREATHING DIFFICULTY, SIMULATING "C.O.P.D."(?), but I have NO SUCH DIAGNOSIS OF THIS. I DID NOT PANIC AND BEGAN TO RECOVER ABOUT 20 MINUTES, AFTER TAKING SMALL SIPS OF COOL WATER. I am a patient in the CHARITY HOSPITAL SYSTEM OF LOUISIANA, AND HAVE G.E.R.D.(ON NEXIUM), HIATUS HERNIA(sp. - ?), IBS(WITH GAS, BLOATING, ETC.) AND THEY CONSTANTLY TEST ME FOR H.PYLORI BACTERIA INFECTION, BUT NEVER TELL ME THE RESULTS, CLAIMING THEY LOSE THE LAB TEST RESULTS OR WHATEVER ... I AM A "CHARITY" PATIENT!!
I have seen gastroenterologists at my Charity Hospital years ago, and have been scoped with the diagnosis of PAST UNERUPTED ULCERS. I FEEL THAT SOON WHEN I HAVE ONE OF THESE RECURRING EPISODES I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO RECOVER, AND WILL EXPIRE. Is there anything which is being missed by my CHARITY HOSPITAL which is now under the administration of Ocshner Health System (to which I went over 30 years ago, and THEN TOLD I NEEDED NOT AN APPOINTMENT IN THEIR INTERNAL CLINIC, BUT I SHOULD GO TO A TRIAGE NURSE, INSTEAD) for about two years now? I believe I may have to contact them directly unless my CHARITY HOSPITAL starts working on a treatment instead of JUST TELLING ME NOT TO ASK THEM ABOUT MORE THAN TWO PROBLEMS AT A TIME IN ANY ONE MEDICAL INTERVIEW SESSION? Please advise! (Additionally, I take about 17 Rxs, with two PRN, and have innumberable herbs, vitamins and supplements to somehow SOMEDAY REPLACE THE TIME WHEN THERE WILL NOT EVEN BE A CHARTIY HOSPITAL STRUCTURE STILL LEFT IN LOUISIANA ... AND I AM VERY MUCH APPRECIATIVE OF THEIR HAVING TRIED TO CARE FOR ME SINCE I WAS TOLD 35 YEARS AGO, WHEN I WAS 35 YEARS OLD, THAT I ONLY HAD TILL THE AGE OF 40 BEFORE I WOULD PROBABLY BE DEAD OR, AT LEAST, EXPERIENCING SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS WHICH, IF I LISTED THEM ALL HERE, I WOULD HAVE TO SPEND AN ADDITIONAL 3 TO 4 HOURS TO JUST NAME THEM!!).
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Arun Phophalia replied 11 months ago.

I am Dr. Arun and will be helping you today.

Could you please tell me the ailments for which you are taking medicines?

Do you have any significant past medical or surgical history?

Are your present concerns about the new onset belching and difficulty in respiration?