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Had bright yellow vomit; what could be wrong?

Customer Question

I wanted to know if there is something seriously wrong with a person if they throw up bright yellow vomit.
Haven’t seen a doctor; it only happened once this morning. I take a lot of medications. Some are for high blood pressure. I take Lexapro, a beta blocker, Xifaxan , levothyroxine, spironolactone, allopurinol for gout prevention, oxycodone 5 mg as needed for pain, escitalopram, oxybutynin, Vit D, Vit E. My last checkup was 2 weeks ago. I have a family history of high BP.
I have cirrhosis and are listed for transplant, however my MELD scores aren't bad enough and that puts me toward the end of the line.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.


Usually not.

If it persists, it can be.

It can reflect bile, and indicate a gallbladder problem.

[bile reflux].

Call your doctor about this.