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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 17826
Experience:  35 years of experience
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Please suggest my latest blood test.

Customer Question

please suggest my latest blood test.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Saha replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question.
I am Dr Saha, I shall try my best to help you.
I have checked your blood results.
VDRL negative.
ESR & ANF levels are within normal limits.
Urine test result does not show any abnormality.
These are normal.
You need not to worry.
I hope this information helps.
If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know.
If you are satisfied, please rate my answer as good or excellent.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sir I have asthma from childhood. unfortunately I have been protective sex with CSW at 6 months ago. from since I am strong anxiety due following symptoms.
1. I had palm eczema after 2 and half months of exposure.
2. burry vision, low night vision and light sensitive since last 5 months.
3. tiredness more after 3 months , now improve slowly.
4. dry mouth some time.
5. poor concentration in reading and working.
my past testing result
1. CMIA combo test at 39, 72 and 106 days comes nonreactive.
2. DNA PCR from reliance life sciences at 72 days non detected.
3. DNA PCR from SRL at 70 days comes non detected.
4. CBC and IgE at 5 month mark - all normal except high level IgE (630) and high esnophils at 8.
sir I am quite in fear about HIV. I have low night vision in past of my life in childhood and college life but this time I am confused.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I also tested ha 1 c for diabetes with comes 5.8 . that is little higher.
Expert:  Dr. Saha replied 1 year ago.

As the tests came negative, you should not worry.

Anxiety & stress can play a role in your case.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
what about high IgE, Esoniphis and Gloucose?
Expert:  Dr. Saha replied 1 year ago.

High IgE, eosinophil can be due to allergy, asthma.

A little higher HbA1C is not worrying.

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Best wishes.