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Ashley Mires
Ashley Mires,
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I have hypertension, and have a new doctor he had me

Customer Question

I have hypertension, and have a new doctor he had me continue on Lisinopril 40 mg x 1 daily. at my next visit my BP was 150/74 and he told me to double my Lisinopril to x2 a day. When I went to pick up new script. the pharmacy didn't fill it. No explaination why.
So I had another appt with my doctor yesterday and he added amlodipine besylate 10 mg
x 1 a day. When I told my doctor that pharmacy refused to fill my lisinopril he rewrote
my perscription along with the amlodipine. I went to pick up new scripts today and
pharmacist told me that he called my doctor yesterday a.m. and told him it was very
dangerous to double the lisinopril. I'm confused. Please advise.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Ashley Mires replied 1 year ago.


Dr. Mires here to answer your question.

Lisinopril can be taken at a maximum of 80mg per day; however, dosages greater than 40mg/day are not too common in my practice.

Do you take any diuretics (such as Lasix)? If so, the combination of these two drugs could have been a red flag for the pharmacist, as they can become dangerous together.

Expert:  Ashley Mires replied 1 year ago.

The same is true if you have kidney problems, as well.

Expert:  Ashley Mires replied 1 year ago.

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Dr. Ashley Mires, MD

Internal Medicine