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Doctor: colloidal silver has been used to treat many

Customer Question

Doctor: colloidal silver has been used to treat many diseases, is there any chance of it being used to treat cancer? Zapping someone with radiation and kemo seems to be a poor way to heal. It has been said that a known cure for cancer has been available since 1925. I have a close relative who has cancer and the cure they are using makes the cancer seem more easy to bear then what they are doing to him.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Greene replied 1 year ago.

I very much sympathize with your plight. Current treatments for cancer seem barbaric, at best - and often cause a lot more pain than seems humane. That said, there is acecdotal evidence for colloidal silver being used with cancer cells (and it eradicating the cancer), but that evidence is based mostly upon getting the colloidal silver directly to the site of the cancer itself...which simply isn't possible by ingesting colloidal silver. In fact, ingesting too much colloidal silver can be toxic to the kidneys, cause skin discoloration, and seizures!

So would I suggest doing something homeopathic rather than typical treatment? Probably not. That said, there is a lot of benefit to using alternative means to bolster a patient through the typical treatments - including supplements and nutrition (which is a key component to cell health).

Expert:  Dr. Greene replied 1 year ago.

Emotional health and wellbeing is also key to fighting (and beating!) cancer. If there is nothing in place for your friend in terms of that, it might be worth looking into. Keeping hope is a component to fighting anything successfully.

Speaking of - how are you doing? You sound kind of shaken up by the whole thing.