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27 year old female I have been having pain in the left

Customer Question

27 year old female
I have been having pain in the left pelvic region for going on 9 years now. it was intermittent and seemed to be more apparent when I ovulated so I did not think much of it. After a few years it became painful for me to have intercourse and it would feel like my insides were bruised or something. I always thought it was my ovary but no doctor has found anything wrong. Ii figured maybe I have endometriosis or something but I dont have any other symptoms. Also no cysts have been found. When laying down I can push on my abdomen close to my pelvis and it is always very tender and sometimes i think i can feel a mass that is movable (i thought maybe it was my ovary again but the drs never feel there when doing a pevic check but it hurts extremely bad). sometimes after sex it is painful to have a bowel movement or to sit up. i think it is in my rectal area that the pain is coming from. No bleeding with stools, no change in bm but I recently realize that the back pain I have been having for over a year now could be a symptom of what is going on with my pelvic pain. I thought I hurt my back or it was a kidney infection or something but it has never resolved. The pain is just under my left lower rib and it is tender to the touch(on my back). I know it is not a muscle pain and i dont think it is my ribcage. I have been to gyns and gps and none have ordered any tests expect for ultrasounds for ovarian cysts. I know there is something wrong and it is driving me crazy not knowing.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

pain below your left ribs is most commonly due to inflammation of the stomach called gastritis, usually due to excessive stomach acid production.

alcohol, spicy foods, tomato sauces, oily or fried foods, large meals, can all cause more stomach acid production.

pain in the lower left pelvic area is more likely to be ovarian cysts sort of pain.

a pelvic ultrasound ends to be able to see endometriosis and pelvic fluid if it is there.

your hormone levels change when you ovulate and often this will cause pain and cramps coming from your ovaries.

sometimes going on birth control pills can help regulate your hormone levels and can decrease some of the pain coming from your ovaries.

NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium can help ovarian cramp pains as well

have you tried stomach acid blockers for your stomach or birth control pills to see if they help your pelvic ovarian cyst pains?