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Andy PhD DABT, Toxicologist
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board certified with 20 years in research or consulting
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How reputable are physicians assistants? I went to hospital

Customer Question

How reputable are physicians assistants? I went to hospital cause i inhaled some strychnine dust last week sunday and i started feeling sick on Thursday this week or Wednesday night and figured it was thanks to hownthe little bit of strychnine i inhaled affected my body eventho it hasnt killed me and hopefully wont being that from what i read its a very toxic posion and an incredibly small dose can be enough to kill a human and since it pretty easily attainable well i strated to panic and comnect what physicians assistant says is sinusitis due to symptoms indescribed as an incredibly sore and painful throat dialated pupils BURNING and congested nostrils im assuming from the dust that went into my nose im guessing it being highly irritating also i put some of the powder on my tongue two times thinking it was cocaine and no i dont have a cocaine habit but i for some reason decided to try and buy some off some guy i never met before in the projects nonetheless, anyway im worried that these physicians assistants arent diagnosing me correctly being that i ag least expected them to say if i did inhale some strychnine as and how i stated above , eventho it didnt kill me or make me very sick it could have lowered my immune system to the point of me getting ill as i am. Anyway my question is can strychnine if i inhaled it as i said not do anything to me for a few days and then start affecting me im guessing thanks to it taking longer then expected to disolve in my kucous cavity nostrils or what have you ? Of it didnt take a major toll on me immidiately can it take a fatal toll on me one week later somehow? Im sorry for the message starting off rayher clear and then becoming confusing but these are the mental problems i been having which in turn also cause me to do the foolish things like trying to buy cocaine nonetheless off some stranger i dont know
If u need me to vlarify in anyway please let me know thank you and again sorry if message got comfising half way through or what have you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr David

physicians assistants are reliable and can be experienced just as much as doctors are.

it sounds like you went to the ER to see a physician assistant in the ER.

your question is showing some anxiety and paranoia in your questions

cocaine use can cause more anxiety and paranoia.

if you continue to worry and have these symptoms, you can always see an ENT specialist doctor

who can look into your sinuses, but I bet they will find sinus inflammation

you might need a course of antibiotics for a chronic bacterial sinus infection

and you might need to be taking allergy pills and steroid sprays to prevent sinus inflammation.

if you continue to have anxiety symptoms, you might benefit from medications to help decrease anxiety symptoms.

have you ever taken medications to help decrease anxiety symptoms before?

I would not be stressed about the strychnine dust

Expert:  Andy PhD DABT replied 1 year ago.


I am a board certified toxicologist and I can address your concerns about inhaling strychnine. Strychnine causes it's effects on the nervous system and is only toxic while it is in your body. It will be in your body at the highest concentration shortly after you take it. So, because it was several days after inhaling it that you started to get symptoms, then that means your symptoms are not from strychnine.

Why do you think it was strychnine? If you are still concerned and there is any of the powder left, I might be able to get it tested for you to show if it really is strychnine. I would have to check, but the lab that I work with might be able to test for it. However, I do think that would be overkill, strychnine usually works within an hour.

Take care,