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Im going out on a limb here,im being watched as i type but i

Customer Question

Im going out on a limb here,im being watched as i type but i need help.I live in mobile,al .Im on disability,i had 2 amputations,im 42 male. im gay. im been harrassed,neglected,abused mentally and i think physically,ive been tormented,i started reading online and came across the term gaslighting and never heard of it and when i read an article I understood it that it fits my situation completely.I believe my family is doing this.Ive heard things and was made to believe that i waqs going crazy but now i know that im not that these things have been going on by people that have no heart and people i have made madover the past year or so .My mother had a nasty divorce and my step dad has hated me since he walked through the door since i was 5 and has been doing things to me ever since,I stuck up for my mother because nobody else would and we were close and nobody,i mean nobody would help,i was the only one,now I think shes involved,she does has mild demnetia but we agreed to keep that quiet during the case because we thought it might hurt her,never did i think that all these people inclused most of all her would turn her back on me ,this is what hurts the most.i will never recover from this.i think i have ptsd now.i was already seeing a counselor for deppression and I was doing fine till I started getting harrassed,and every move i make,every breath,every time i use the bathroom is recorded.everything i own has been stolen or ruined.Ive been poisened,thy found small traces of striknine in my blood months ago but i thought nothing of it because i had placed some mice poising out,but theres so much i cant talk about because i have no control and eyes on me.I have proof,im afraid to call the police,im afraid for my life,i need help,my email is***@******.*** number is(###) ###-####someone just called but i DONT KNOW IF FROM YALL because i didnt give out my number and my brother has connections and i never know who im really talking to,i need to know what to do before im dead
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  OZ247 replied 1 year ago.

I would strongly suggest you seek help from police,social services and a physician.