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I have had a mole on the base of my penis, at least 4-5

Customer Question

I have had a mole on the base of my penis for years, at least 4-5 years, possibly even longer. Last year I decided to have the mole looked at by my Derm, I do not recall if he looked under a scope, but I do recall him saying it wasnt a big deal and that if it was bothering me I could remove it. I chose not to. Here I am a year later and I decided to have it looked at again by another derm, because I was concerned it might be a wart, after randomly seeing pictures online. The new derm immediately saw it and also said it wasnt a big deal, but once I said i was concerned it might be a wart we decided to excise it.
Durring the time I had the mole (or wart) it never got worse, or better. It just stayed there. None of my sexual partners reported anything unusual, but now im waiting for the biopsy and I am very anxious. Nothing ive read regarding HPV would signify that my mole was a wart, because it never went away or got worse, I also seemed to not have passed it on. HOWEVER the mole itself was slightly darker than flesh colored, raised, soft and looked like a "cluster of grapes" I looked at many pics of HPV warts and it looked like a couple of the pics but not like any of the others.
Long story short, based on what ive said, A.) are my chances of it being HPV warts better than not? and B.) Now that its been excised, if it was warts has the virus already left my body or at what point is it safe to not be concerned with it?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is DR. David

I think I helped you before and reviewed your photos.

HPV warts would be hard and your body would have been able to get rid of HPV in 1-2 years.

the area is soft like a benign mole.

the pathology will tell for sure if it is a mole or warts.

none of your doctors were concerned or worried prior to surgery.

there is no reason to be worried after surgery now

let me know if you have questions

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
you did help me thank you, ***** ***** i was just a little confused because you mentioned that it looked like a "cluster of grapes" and I thought maybe you were saying thats exactly what HPV warts looked like so i wasnt sure what your assessment was. I know we will not know for sure until the pathology comes back but I was hoping to assess if one out come was more likely than the other and I think you have answered that.
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

I still think benign mole or nevus is more likely than HPV wart.