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I'm a 100 % Disabled Vetetren with Post Neck & Back injuries

Customer Question

I'm a 100 % Disabled Vetetren with Post Neck & Back injuries (that affect the Spine periodically ) the V.A. Has noted them uas Closed fractures of the Neck c-5 to c-6 area to T-1 ? Idk ? But, it affects my right thumb and index finger ! TinglinJ to numbness !!? And then the L- 4 & 5 ? And then, there is a very questionable spot tiuihat they keep avoiding ? In my thoracic area of my back ? Just below the left Scapula ? Just slightly off center to the left side of the Spine ! Current problems have been in the past to the present ? Severe Abu-lateral Hip pain ? Pain shooting down my legs through my
Groined area ? To the inside of my legs ? Severe sharp pains down my low back !! Total loss of mobility of right leg from right hip down !!! I have feeling in ikt ? Just no strength !!! No signal !!? I've layed in bed and had both legs go numb or should say paralysed from below my waste down ! And loose continuity !! This happened only once I can remember ? Although, I have had trouble with my legs and spine / back ? Giving way ? In instances of particular positioning i.e. Putting pants on ? Getting out of bed ? There's further questionable Hx, pertaining to V.A. Chiropractic intervention !!! At My Current V.A. Hosp. ? I felt that an adjustment would help maintain some kind of alignment in my back and Neck ? But, didn't, forsee any complications from the procedures ? Unfortunately , by way of experience with the Chiropractor ? We found out there was a Critical area in my back ? As the one Described in my Thoricic area ? That when any pressure is applied in or around that area ? My body starts to Shut Down !!! I experience a change in my metabolic rate ! Breathing gets labored ! I feel a great deal of pain in that region ! I later became Diaphorectic! Cold and clammy !! Light headed, and a feeling of impending Doom !! No doubt !!! I was Scared!!! And had no earthly idea what was going on ?. Now, the Cause & affect ; I was going through Ranger training at Ft. Bennington, Ga. We were do a simulated Combat Mass tact. Jump, I was jumping in a -1 Bravo Chute! ( the fast attack chutes with the cut always in the rear ?) for some odd reason, unbeknownst to me ? My Chute was experiencing complications ? I was descending at an excellerated
Rated !! I was about 600' + below my Chalk ? And almost landing with the Chalk ahead of me !! My Canopy kept flapping ? But, I couldn't see a tear ? The Chute would Blossom again and evrything would be fine ! Then the nightmare began about 200' from the DZ ? My chute started to Drift ? The Canopy was failing ? And I was burning in !! I dropped my ruck sack immediately !! Took a tight body form! Grabbed my Reserve, (which was too late to pull !!!) and the next thing I remember was my body paining out ( flattening out on my back side since I was still quite a ways from the ground !?) and that I could see I was above the trees still ? About 40'to 60' approx. and then I woke up with another trooper asking me if I were ok ? I remember getting up out of a soft hole in the ground I made ! I was covered in dirt !! The field was freshly plowed !! I dimly see and remember things!! It's like looking through a dirty spotted old window or old movie ? I gathered up my chute ? I know I wasn't feeling good at all ? But, not sure ? Got on a But, the trooper kept asking me if I were ok ? I was getting pissed at him !! Then, next I remember I have another Chute on my back, I'm standing in a prep Chalk, for adjusting our static lines ? Then nothing !!!until graduation ? Now, my good Doctors, I've had just about every frigging Diagnosis you can pull out of your .... Hat ???from, I've fractured both my femoral heads while I was rodeoing as a kid in Arizona to lord knows what ? Every Doctor has an Opinion and a Diagnosis ? And like the V.A. ? An ulterior motive ? Do not confess nor Deny!!! I hate reindeer games !!! I'm tired of them !!! I've got PTDS for good reason ! That too, our Wonderfull & Brave a Government will not Confirm or Deny ? So, I'm left in Lymbo!! With a Wound in my left knee and in my head ??? And a body no body ? Wants to claim !!! But, they'll provide me lots of $$$ and Morphene ? And reluctance to provide me with the proper PTSD MEDS ??? Even though my young Pych. Is still not sure if I'm delusional or not ? 1). Because I truly believe in God!!! And you would too, if you had been, and seen the things I've done ?!!! 2). There was no war where I was ? So, how can you account for the Bullet hole in my L. knee ? and 36 years of PTSD ??? And all the a Episodes involved ? The mass counsellors on active duty over the years prognosing me with Chronic PTSD !!! Then the V.A. Finally making that Simple analysis ??? 😎 Anh!! I'm just another broken Vet ? Too many bad Parachute landings !!!♠️
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 1 year ago.


Welcome to Just Answer. I've read all that you've written. It appears you've had a lifetime of health problems and injuries. However, what question can we answer for you today?

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your services ? But, on reflection, I'd like a refund please !
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Hi Dale,
A. Schuyler, NP has responded to your question:
"Hello, Welcome to Just Answer. I've read all that you've written. It appears you've had a lifetime of health problems and"
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