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I was just trying to find out why my doctors are flat out

Customer Question

I was just trying to find out why my doctors are flat out refusing to give me a prescription for diazepam, I have been going to specialist for over 10 yrs for neck and back problems they would send me to physical therapy and write me a script for a muscle relaxant I never found one that worked, After 10 yrs of this I switched from orthopedic to a brain and spine specialist they want to start infusion surgery in my neck which will have to be repeated for a long time I have degenerative disc disease the pressure on the non infused disc will go fast after infusion because of the pressure on them. They gave me a prescription for diazepam until all my test came back they also sent me to pain management. well pain management won't write a prescription for diazepam but are okay if someone else wrote it for me. Well now nobody wants to write me a script for the ONLY MUSCLE RELAXANT that actually worked for me. I felt so much better for the few months that they did write me that. So now I'm back to suffering again even though I was told the swelling in my neck is so bad it is suffocating the nerves and if it stays like that the nerves will start dying off. I can't do surgery out 4-6 weeks each procedure, I have a 21 yr old disabled son and I am his sole caregiver so I can not have surgery. I have left several doctors offices in tears because they won't write me a life saving medication for me. It gave me back my life now it's GONE and no one will help me get it back.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 2 years ago.
Hi Sorry to hear about this but what exactly is your question please?