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Category: Health
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Experience:  medical school - boston university. board certified in pediatrics
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My wife is studying in a university right now, doing her

Customer Question

Hello, My wife is studying in a university right now, doing her graduation. Currently she has medical insurance with her university which is A I G insurance, and she is added to my insurance as well (as an dependent).

When ever i visit doctor i fill paper work as, A I G is her primary and my insurance is secondary. And the doctors office is billing the same way.

I called my insurance and told them about the primary A I G (Student Insurance), My insurance company replied stating that; as it is a Student Insurance they will not coordinate the benefits with student insurance company. They will consider my insurance as primary as-well.
Now she has two primary insurances. Is it legal to have two primary insurances on her name?

And when my insurance company pays a claim they see a part of it has been paid, they are thinking that i paid it to the doctors office, and sending checks on my name.

I called doctors office to find out if there is any pending balance, and they replied NO.

I called my insurance company and told about 100$ check, they told that it on my name and i can do whatever i can. I am confused right now, do i need cash the check or make her student insurance as secondary. Please help.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Hilary replied 2 years ago.
It is not legal to bill 2 insurances at the same time for the same medical visit and make money on the visit. It is legal to bill one insurance for the visit and if there is a coinsurance or copay or deductible to have the second insurance help with that. I would choose which one has better coverage and let the doctor bill only one insurance. If there is a balance or deductible, then you can submit to the second one afterwords. also if she has good student insurance and you are paying more out of your paycheck to have family coverage instead of just single coverage, you can consider dropping her off your plan for now, while she has other free insurance. That is up to you and see what the cost savings is there. But it is actually insurance fraud to make a profit that way. Best wishes.