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Hello.. Several weeks ago, I had an endoscopy, blood work,

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Several weeks ago, I had an endoscopy, blood work, and Ct Scan. The endoscopy revealed gastritis. I have not had my follow up visit yet. During the past several days, my ulcer seems to be acting up. I just got done eating something for dinner, and within 10 minutes after eating I felt like bending over. Part of the reason I have not been eating. I have to gain 10 lbs. back that I have lost over the past few months.

I think it has gotten past the gastritis stage, and now getting to be gastric ulcer. I don't know to eat or not to eat. I know pizza, tomato sauce, it gets worse. Any suggestions?
Hi--so the endoscopy showed a gastric ulcer? Were you screened for H pylori?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I said Gastritis.. Not gastric ulcer. I believe so, not sure. The biopsy was negative.

Sorry--I guess I assumed you had one but it looks like you think you might have one Susan. How was your gastritis treated?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was given a prescription of pantoprazole. I still have some left, so I know I should have continued taking it.


But now every time I eat a mean, it gets where I have to bend over, very uncomfortable.

OK--unlikely that you've suddenly developed an ulcer after the endoscopy didn't show one but this could well be a side effect of the pantoprasole so you need to let your doctor know about it. You may need to stop it for a while or to be switched to a different acid lowering medication
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have not taken it for over 2 weeks, so it isn't that. The prescription was dated 10-15-13. I know I should have taken the whole thing. But I only took it for about a week. May I should continue with it

Then it's OK to continue but check to see if you were screened for H pylori since if you weren't, that could be the cause. But you still need to let your doctor know about this. And for now, no fatty, spicy, fried or acidic things like citrus fruits, tomatoes, and no caffeine
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had 3 pieces of chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables. Any of that combination triggered a outbreak almost right away after eating?

Perhaps the gravy
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