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My husband was to have surgery for a herniated disc and in

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My husband was to have surgery for a herniated disc and in fact was anesthesiolised, was cut and quickly closed up because he stopped breathing. We were told he had to be resuscitated twice while on the operating table. Two doctors told me that it could have been a "technical problem" but were not sure. In the meantime my husband's back doctor insisted ge go through several pulmonary tests which he passed with flying colors. Suddenly last week the pulmonary doctor decided ge should have a test done for sleep apnea again no issues with that. Still the pulmonary doctor wants him to use a breathing machine until he goes back for surgery. We have decided we do not want to go back to the same hospital or doctor because we feel we are being lied to. Yes we have insurance. .... so since we are in fear of not being told the truth would it be in our best interest to go somewhere else for the surgery?

Hi. Certainly I see no reason for the breathing machine and I would have him reevaluated by a different pulmonologist and a different surgeon. He also needs a full cardiac evaluation assuming he hasn't had one before
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