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I'm a 33 year old caucasian female. I'm 5'4, 145 lbs. This

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Hi, I'm a 33 year old caucasian female. I'm 5'4, 145 lbs. This past Thursday, I climbed up on a chair in my kitchen to get something down from a shelf, not realizing a kitchen cabinet door above me was open. I stood up abruptly on the chair, hitting the top of my head in to the sharp cabinet door corner hard. It stunned me for a few seconds and was painful, but I didn't lose consciousness. It left a little scratch where my head hit, but didn't bleed. I grabbed a bag of frozen corn and applied it for about 25 minutes. I did not throw up, and did not have a seizure, or have any signs of CSF leaking or anything like that. I did have a lump where I hit that has since went down. I checked my pupils in a dark room and they are reacting to light. My head is still tender in the spot where I hit, and I have had a very mild tension headache since. On a pain scale of 1-10, the headache pain being a 1. I've been taking OTC Tylenol for pain, no Advil or Aspirin. My in-laws were coming in from out of town that day, so I didn't go to the E.R. I thought I was probably fine & just brushed it off, but wish I'd went now. Is it normal to have a mild tension headache 4 or 5 days later after hitting your head? Should I be concerned about any bleeds within the brain? Thanks.
Yes, you can get a mild headche after hitting your head, but usually it is a significant head trauma- like having garage door fall on it, or fall down and hitting your head on the ice.
It would be exceptionally rare to have any significant bleed in your case, unless you are on coumadin and particularly without a loss of conciousness.

So, no I would NOT be worried.
You can take tylenol or motrin for pain..

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Oh ok, thanks so much for answering my question. So even though I hit the sharp edge, that still shouldn't be enough force to cause damage? Should I be concerned if the headache persists more than a couple of weeks? Thanks again...