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Thank you for addressing my concern. My dad has Kidney

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Thank you for addressing my concern.

My dad has Kidney stones again (he drinks WAY too much Soda). Anyways, I did minor google search and came accross a homeopathic remedy that claims a concoction of Lemon juice and Olive oil will help pass the stones. I saw it on several 'respectable' sites, but let's be real- it's the internet.

Does this 'remedy' have any merit to it? He's in quite a bit of pain

Hi--potentially the lemon juice could help with preventing kidney stones but once one has a stone, there is no reliable evidence that lemon juice and olive oil somehow may lubricate the ureter and help the stone pass. Plenty of fluids may help but of course if a stone doesn't pass in two or three days, it may have to be extracted
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