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Iv been having and itching sensation on the head of my

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Iv been having and itching sensation on the head of my penis all the way down to my anus and around it. At one point there was a rash on the head of me penis but never turned into sores or anything like that. I went to the hospital and had an STD check and came back negative for everything even though i was exposed to hsv2. But like i said there was no blisters. The doctor said it was a bacterial infection and prescribed me Clindamycin Phosphate and it just doesn't seem to be getting rid of it.

Do you have excessive sweating on affected area?
Duration of symptoms?
Burning sensation on anus?
Blood in stool?
Do you still have rash on head of penis?
For how many days have you applied Clindamycin phosphate?

Thanks dear.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't have any abnormal sweating going on. My symptoms have lasted 3 months now since I was with a women who had HSV2 but never had an outbreak when we were together. My anus is itchy and it seems to go away completely after i shower in the morning, same with the irritation on the head of my penis. I have not been constipated or had any blood in stool. I had a rash one time, three days after i got my negative results for my STD check. I did some research and I determined it almost couldn't have been HSV2 because of the fact that it lasted almost 2 weeks and never got worse, it just simply dissipated to what it is now. I have been applying the medicine for 3 weeks. My doctor told me it would make the treated area dry but i hasn't.


Thanks for providing additional information.

I understand your concern and it's my pleasure to help you in every aspect.

As per your description,chances of HSV2 infection are less

. However as you have no relief from Clindamycin phosphate after 3 weeks use so it's good to see your doctor again.

It may be possible that you have bacterial infection of the skin, sometimes combined with candidal infection.

It's best to take combined treatment.

Even you may require oral medicines along with topical ointment.


You should take OTC Allegra/Claritin for itching.

It's good to see a dermatologist for a clinical exam and get a proper treatment.


Hope this helps.

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Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.

Thanks dear.

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