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Hi. i was wondering the chances of becoming pregnant under

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Hi. i was wondering the chances of becoming pregnant under these circumstances. Myself and a girl ive been seeing had intercourse, foolishly with no protection nearly two weeks ago without any protection, i did not ejaculate inside her but we got the morning after pill two days later just to be safe. The problem is even more foolishy we were drunk and did it again 7 days after taking the first pill. this time i did ejaculate inside her. we got the pill again maybe 6/7 hours later. I was hoping you could help clear up some of the worries ive been having. Would the first taking of the EC pill have increased or decreased her fertility or effectiveness of the pill? or would it bare any relevance at all? do you think there is a high chance of her becoming pregnant? any advice would be well appreciated. Thank you
Hi--there would be absolutely no less effectiveness of the second taking of the pill after having taken it a week earlier so basically there's no chance of pregnancy here. I would suggest that you stay sober enough to use condoms if this has a chance of happening again
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thank you for your response. Just wanting to ease my mind. I had read online that the female can be more fertile after taking the pill which is what had originally raised my concerns. Any ideas as to whether thats true or not?

Gerry, I have no idea where you read that but it really doesn't matter since she took the pill appropriately the second time
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