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I have a (few) medical questions. First off, I'm a 25 yr old

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I have a (few) medical questions. First off, I'm a 25 yr old healthy female, in normal weight range. My history though includes Hemiplegic Migraines with Ischemia (since 2005). I hve had several brain scans over the past 6 yrs that show NO problems. In the past year though with these migraines I've begun having apparent 'panic attacks' for no reason at all as well. When a migraine starts coming on, I'll experience visual loss, slurred speech, numbness of the extremeties and severe pain lasting for hours. I shiver, my blood pressure drops, the throbbing is nearly unbearable. I did not have a migraine today but I went to the ER today because I was driving down the rd earlier and had a blackout at the intersection with my husband and two children in the car. This is tue first time this has happened to me and I'm windering if this could be connected to my migraines/panic attacks. When I blacked out, I had an immediate hot flush thru my body, it felt like I just, gave out for a moment. And then the vertigo became severe and my darn tongue went numb, I gradually lost my sight and a migraine kicked in. The ER physician checked my vitals, did a ton of bloodwork checkin my thyroid, liver, kidneys, sodium levels, electrolytes, etc and everything came backnormal. I have vertigo on a daily basis. Can someone PLEASE tell me why this is happening to me? I feel like it's ruining my and my family's life. I am a generally happy person with no reason for panic attacks. I'm not depressed, not anxious, the only thing that makes me panic is not being able to figure out Why this is recurring. Why would a person have 'panic attacks' hen nothing is wrong? Why would a person not on drugs or whom does Not drink all of a sudden Black out while driving? What's going on? Please help.

A couple of questions:
1. Are you seeing a neurologist?
2. Have you had a EEG?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi- I just replied but it appears to have notgone thru. I hve been to a Neurologist, however they ran no tests. Said it seemed like it must be anxiety and pushed a drug called Effexor. It felt very much like being on an assembly line. They said that with the brain scan showing nothing, that it must be migraine triggere by anxiety.

Hi Samantha
Well, it sounds like you are having complex migraines.
A "complex migraine" is one in which there are neurological symptoms such as weakness, loss of vision, or difficulty speaking in addition to the headache. In fact, in some cases, a complex migraine may be mistaken for a stroke.
You may be developing panic symptoms because of these complex migraine symptoms, but you really need to get the complex migraine under control.

You can read about it here.
They are also called complicated migraines

That being said, rather than taking effexor, I would suggest that you see another neurologist, one who specialises in migraines and one who will take your symptoms seriously.
I am sorry that you are going through this. An EEG would be helpful to make sure that you are not having anything complicating the situation like complex seizures or anything else unusual which causes you to faint.

This is a treatable condition. You just need to go to the right people :-)

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Hi Samantha
I was checking in on you to see how you were doing.