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Dr. German
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I have a problem with the veins in my arms and hands. The

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I have a problem with the veins in my arms and hands. The veins will "pop" to the surface of my forearms, or in the joints of my fingers, and hurt like the dickens. Ice helps sooth the pain, but I want to know why this is happening, and what can I do about it?
Welcome and thanks for your question I am Dr. German I would be here to help you and give you all the assistance you need until you are satisfied, you should consult a doctor to evaluate you. The symptoms you have been experiencing could be caused by different conditions specially:
1- Connective tissue disease ,specially autoimmune disorders( like rheumatoid arthritis ), in these conditions the immune cells which normal role is to defend your body against infections , mistakenly attack your normal tissue cells, producing tissue irritation and inflammation.
2- Vasculitis ( in this condition , the immune cells mistakenly attack your blood vessels producing inflammation, the blood vessel walls could become thicker and thicker blocking your blood flow or thinner ,bulging and popping out ) .
3- The third option is that you could simply have varicose or spider vein in your arms , in this case ,which is the most simple one , performing cardiovascular activity or exercise could help to strengthen your vascular system . As consequence , your blood flow will improve and blood will not pool up in your arms .
You could get Vitamin K cream over the counter to fortify your blood vessels. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is vital, avoid caffeine ,sugar , too much salt and alcohol ( they dilate your blood vessels and this could make your symptoms worse ).A dermatologist could use laser therapy or sclerotherapy to shrink the dilated blood vessels.
If what you have is an autoimmune disorder or connective tissue disease , Your doctor will prescribe you immune modulator medications or corticosteroids ( these medications decrease the attack of the immune cells against your normal tissue cells ) .It decreases the inflammatory process alleviating your symptoms ,giving your tissue and blood vessels the time to recover .
But do not wait more time , You need to be evaluated , preferably by an Internal Medicine Specialist to determine what condition is specifically affecting you.
If you need any additional information I will be happy to continue further and assist you until you are completely satisfied . Good luck to you and have a good day !
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much for your help and insight. I do suffer from either rheumatoid arthritis or lupus (they are still trying to diagnose me on that) and I have mentioned this problem to my Rheumatologist, but she never comments or explains it. Your response helped me see that my vein problems probably are caused by my immune disorder, and that puts my mind at ease. Thank you so much!!