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I just got lab results back and am concerned about the fact

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Hello -
I just got lab results back and am concerned about the fact that my neutrophils are 32, lymphs 49, absolute neutrophils 1.3.
All of which are "out of range". My Doctor didn't mention anything when I saw her for my physical but it concerns me. I have never been "out of range" with these before. I am 56 , 125 lbs. 5'3' tall and take blood pressure meds, cholesterol med and Lexapro.
when I had my blood drawn I wasn't ill or fighting any infection although my Eos's were 7. ( I do suffer from severe allergies). What is your take on these results?
Thanks for your time.
I would not be concerned about these labs at all.
The ratio of neutrophils and lymphocytes is constantly changing, because your body is always fighing off something, even if you are not feeling ill
When your lymphocytes are elevated, it means you may have been recently exposed to a virus.
Unless your white blood cell count is 20K and your lymphs are 99% or your WBC is 1K and your neutrophils are 10%, I wouldn't really worry...

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks for the quick reply!

my WBC was 4.0

Wasn't really concerned about the lymph reading but more about the neutrophils... but again, my Dr. didn't even mention it... I just get a bit concerned when things (at my age) aren't in the "normal" range.

Thanks for your time.

Right, 4K is fine

Did I provide you with excellent service? :-)?
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