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Out of town for mother's funeral. Last week (before she

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Out of town for mother's funeral. Last week (before she passed) noticed numbness in left side of tongue - minor but there. tingling in left hand/fingers, gets better if hand is dropped down by my side. yesterday noticed slight numbness in left side of face, can't feel it when i blink, left side doesn't 'smile' as wide as right, have to concentrate to draw on straw in mouth without air leaking thru. started taking aspirin earlier today, just in case of blockage, really dont think its stress. im 64, last bp was 120/80 in late august, have had upper respiratory with sinus infection but now well except for last bit of coughing. Slept well last nite, no pain, trying not to panic. Will the aspirin help if there is a clot??
Hi--this could be Bell's palsy which is a facial nerve paralysis that usually resolves over time but I can't say this isn't either a stroke or a transient ischemic attack--a threatened stroke--so you need to be in the emergency room as soon as possible. This aspirin won't help with this so you really need to see a doctor now
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