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I am surprised to see you online this late. I wanted to ask

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I am surprised to see you online this late. I wanted to ask you a question how do you treat someone that has like flu cold symptoms but it is from mold in the home?
Hi--just got up in fact. What symptoms are we talking about and why do you think it's from mold?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
When we bought the home 5 years ago we found mold in the downstairs thick hairy black mold all in the walls. So we tore it all out treated it with bleach and put all new windows and Sheetrock in and new flooring.
It rained about 7 days ago and I noticed a smell coming from downstairs like musty old and my cat started wheezing and that is where he always sleeps is downstairs. The. I started getting cold like flu symptoms and I notice I chest itches inside. Before we ever remodeled the down stairs my chest would itch when I went I to that room. I hunk it is coming from under the floor in that room because that part of he house is on a raised foundation. I have been taking cold and allergy pills. When I realized tonight what it was I closed that door to that room and I can't smell it anymore. I have a vaporizer going now with Vicks in it. I took my 16 year old cat to the vet hey said it was an allergy and they gave him a cortisone shot and he is better now. But I still have it although I did get a pneumonia shot in 2005.
OK. That brief exposure you had to mold wouldn't be something that would need antifungal treatment but it could cause allergy like symptoms. The cold an allergy medicine is fine for now but you need to seal off that room and have it inspected for mold and have it de-molded
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
We have been leaving that door open all summer long. We just finally closed it tonight. The mell didn't kick up until it rained a week ago.
So do I need a antibiotic? I used Adair tonight and I am not wheezing anymore just really stopped up and sneezing off and on still.
No, antibiotics don't work with mold but again this brief exposure from the rain-induced cause wouldn't need antifungal medication
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Okay hopefully I will get better I have flat on my back or about 4 days.
So let me fill you in on what has happened since we last talked.
So I went to the cardiologists that the doctor referred me to and he did another EKG and said there was some abnormalities and he wanted to do a echocardiogram. I didn't care or him so I called the cardiologists I saw bracket in 2011 and he said I will look at the doctors EKG but he I said I can assure you the heartburn you have been experiencing is not a heart attack. He said there is no way you could have a heart attack or 3 weeks. So he saw the EKG the first doctor did and he called me and said there is nothing to be concerned with. Once he reassured me the heartburn left after 3 weeks or more. On another note I waited a month to see the orthopedic surgeon my appointment was on 10/31 one hour before my appointment I got a call from his office saying we are sorry but the doctor was called away on an emergency and we need to cancel the appointment you had. They said we will cal, you again to set up another one. So I am still waiting or the call. My knee doesn't hurt anymore its been so long now. If I twist it it smarts a little bit. But otherwise its seem ok.
Good news about your heart and sometimes surgeons do get emergency calls.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dr chip if my knee is not hurting anymore is it possible the meniscus is healing itself?BTW I saw my dermatologists and he gave me a spray called Topicort and some shampoo for my head and he said it is dermatitis. Whatever he gave me stop the itch altogether. It is working.
Not so much healing but it may have stabilized itself
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
the meniscus can not repair itself?
If it has a tear that never seals itself, no, but unless someone is into golf or other athletic endeavors that stress the need, quite often surgery isn't necessary
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The report said it was grossly injured. Okay going to bed now. Thanks for listening and talking to me Doctor.I hope you too can get some rest.
No, time to get ready for work Sonja. Take care and don't forget the rating
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