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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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Lately I've been getting sore and hardened trapezius

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Hi. Lately I've been getting sore and hardened trapezius muscles. Ive had car accidents in the past and herniated/bulging discs. I will go to my chiropractor this week. Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night with my left arm haven "fallen asleep". I shook it awake. The trap muscle that side today is painful. Also, the breast area feels annoying, elbow feels like I hit my funny bone, pinky and ring finger are stiffish feeling, arm feels funny, and neck and bottom half of face that side also. Scalp half way up from neck tingly. Is this a pinched nerve maybe or just radiating from trapezius muscle? It's super annoying and getting me upset.
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!
Customer: Hi :)
Anthony Bray, MD : you list several symptoms that are neurological in origin... It sounds that you may need review of your neck studies..MRI of neck may be most productive to look for nerve root compression likely at different levels to account for range of symptoms...
Anthony Bray, MD : trapezius sounds muscle right and possible muscle strain or cramp related...
Customer: Ok. A few years ago my chiropractor had ordered MRI s for me.
Anthony Bray, MD : NSAID may help--- muscle relavact may help with tight sore trapezius muscle... Massage may help...
Customer: Took Aleve a little while ago. I will def try to go to a massage therapist.
Customer: It happens more when I sleep weird, and I have a feeling my mattress is a culprit. Could that be?
Anthony Bray, MD : Ok then that may not be needed unless your symptoms have since changes dramatically and then repeat study might be warranted...
Customer: Throughout my spine I have 9 herniated/bulging disc, two car accidents in 2003. Also my tailbone is bent. That was the lastvmri and X-ray about 2 years ago to see how it was doing.
Anthony Bray, MD : Sleep position of neck and back may certainly be factors here... I would recommend cervical support pillow to help keep neck in good neutral position...
Customer: I do have some in my cervical spine
Anthony Bray, MD : I see... Yes you have plenty of reason for trouble and your are probably fortunate that things are not worse...
Customer: It just amazes me how ten years kater I'm still having issues but I guess I'm damaged goods!
Anthony Bray, MD : distraction techniques of cold pal to neck or back or topical treatment like Aspercream may be helpful...
Anthony Bray, MD : medication like Lyrica may be added to others ( NSAID plus muscle relaxantike Skelaxin) to help...
Customer: I used to have Flexriil as needed but it made me very sleepy
Anthony Bray, MD : Yes I know what you mean... You would hope to see better healing and improvement over this period of time but on the bright side it could have been much worse!! Be thankful no paralysis injury for example!!
Anthony Bray, MD : Right Skelaxin is less apt to make you drowsy... I like that choice for that reason...
Customer: Right :) my worst issue is sciatica from the tailbone. But this is creeping up there too lol. I will write Skelaxin down. So back to my original question... This trapezius issue/pinched nerve can cause these effects (the arm and hand weirdness, neck by jaw?
Anthony Bray, MD : Lyrica or Cymbalta or Neurontin are options which help reduce central nervous system processing of pain... Unique mechanism of action ... Of these Cymbalta is least sedating...
Anthony Bray, MD : Well some symptoms may be related... Jaw?? No !! Not even similar in nerve supply !! Jaw inner bated by mandibular branch or Trigeminal nerve...
Customer: My chiropractor says I have tmj issues.
Anthony Bray, MD : Arm numbness may be caused by pinched nerve in neck or entrapment at other point such as brachial plexus ( web of nerves from neck that passes under collar bone to go to your arm...)
Anthony Bray, MD : trapezius painstaking simple be muscular but if nerve then source would be upper thoracic region...
Customer: Ok thank you very much. I am making an appointment for massage this week for sure.
Anthony Bray, MD : Ok that would be its own separate issue if TMJ-- does it hurt to open jaw wide ?? Hurt to chew?? Jaw ever pop out of place??
Anthony Bray, MD : avoid chewing gum if you have TMJ....
Customer: I've had grinding teeth wake me up at night
Anthony Bray, MD : TMJ would tend to benefit from NSAID ( Rx or OTC -- Aleve 2 tablets twice a day with food ) ( make sure you do not have ulcer disease --- no renal disease-- watch for GI side effects....
Customer: Great
Anthony Bray, MD : Seeing a dentist may help... Dental guard may help....
Customer: Ok
Anthony Bray, MD : grinding teeth called bruxism ... Certain medsay alter your sleep and reduce REM and may reduce the grinding as possible option ...
Customer: Would this nerve and muscle make it feel like vibrating in arm?
Customer: And when I move arm it makes a crackle feeling
Anthony Bray, MD : Vibration in arm!
Anthony Bray, MD : ??
Customer: Or spasm type I can't explain
Anthony Bray, MD : vibration in arm sounds that it may be muscle fasciculations.... These are rapid twitching of portion of muscle-- yes nerve related...Klonapin may help if this is much of problem...
Customer: I have mitral valve prolapse and was reading Xanax can help for that and issues like this too?
Anthony Bray, MD : klonapin at bedtime might have secondary help to TMJ ( my tip here not an FDA recommendation for this particular medicine!!)
Anthony Bray, MD : Same class Xanax and Klonapin...
Customer: Ah ok
Customer: Can a general doctor prescribe this
Anthony Bray, MD : If symptoms due to MVP then I would prefer a beta blocker such as Toprol for that...
Customer: I am on toprol and cozaar
Customer: Toprol xl
Anthony Bray, MD : reduces heart rate and softens contraction of heart a little and typically helps people with symptoms of MVP be less prone to symptoms...
Anthony Bray, MD : many people with MVP have no symptoms and diagnosis may be incidental ...
Anthony Bray, MD : Yes general doctor may prescribe these ( internal medicine it Family Practice)
Customer: I had symptoms and had echo, stress test holter monitor from my cardiologist. Everything was good except the echo showed mild leak and the valve issue
Anthony Bray, MD : That is good... Hope you have good blood pressure control with these!!
Customer: I usually do but this past week had a bad week at work and it was high
Anthony Bray, MD : That is minor problem and you should do fine then....
Anthony Bray, MD : Average over time is key for blood pressure ...average should be 100 to 135/ 60 to 85....
Anthony Bray, MD : blips above this are not so important as the AVERAGE SEATED RESTING VALUE!!!
Customer: I was one day this week 150/90 then 144/88 then Friday 130/ 86. My average is 126/80 but had a horrid week and did eat some things I'm not supposed to have.
Customer: I'm VaeRY salt sensitive and stress sensitive
Anthony Bray, MD : Ok -- well as I said THISE blips up do not really matter-- it is the AVERAGE that is the KEY!!
Anthony Bray, MD : (BTW I have hypertension too and take two if same m
Anthony Bray, MD : meds plus HCTZ...
Customer: Oh good! So then these are good meds. My big test was 2 weeks ago. I once had cervical cancer and go to memorial Sloan Kettering here in NYC. I always had hbp there because i get scared the. It was 126/82 so I was shocked it was good in my high tension place. But work is another story.
Anthony Bray, MD : Right the salt/ sodium intake is key to good control --- you have to hold the salt in check...
Customer: I had some pepperoni and sunflower butter and 4 slices white bread one day.
Anthony Bray, MD : stress like white coat hypertension is usually transient effect from adrenalin for example...
Anthony Bray, MD : helpful to have good representation of home measures and not only doctor's office for this reason!!
Customer: Ok. Makes sense. The toprol tho I think helped it there
Anthony Bray, MD : You are right --- Toprol would blunt adrenalin effect...
Customer: Ok thank you very much for talking to me.
Anthony Bray, MD : You are very welcome!
Anthony Bray, MD : let me know if you have further questions and I will be happy to get back with you!!
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