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I am 21 year old man about four years ago I had unprocted

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Hi I am 21 year old man about four years ago I had unprocted sex with a older women ever since then its been chaos, dry skin, rash dark purple, headaches, shortness of breath, abdominal pains,itchy tip of penis, fatique, urge to urinate, body aches, rash on face that look like pimples and on chest. Had two HIV tests negAtive both, had thyroid checked too.last I heard from the woman she was pretty sick too
If the HIV tests were done at a proper time after the encounter (at least 3-6 months), then they are reliable at excluding HIV. If so, then the evaluation by the doctor would be valid, even if the doctor did not know of the sexual encounter.

Therefore, if the tests were done at a proper time frame and the evaluation indicated that the symptoms were due to anxiety, then this would be the likely cause. But if the tests were not done at a proper time frame, then it would be appropriate to be tested again.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had hiv test at a proper time frame its not hiv, but I am also pretty sure its not anxiety, it started as soon as slept with that woman, I have also been tested for syphilis and chlamydia my question to you is? I physically have all these symptoms and as we speak the tip of my penis itches, is there something else, fungal, rare std?

A fungal infection of the penis can cause itching of the tip of the penis, but it would not cause the other symptoms that you describe. There is no other STD that would cause these symptoms.

Although it can be said that there is no other STD that would explain these symptoms, it would require a physical examination to consider other disease processes, which cannot be done over the internet. Based solely on symptoms, anxiety would actually be the most likely single cause of this many symptoms across multiple organ systems.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so is there anything similar to these symptoms that you can get through bodily fluid exchange?

No. Hepatitis can cause some of these symptoms, such as abdominal pain and fatigue, but not most of them.

If you do not trust the evaluation done by your doctor, it is reasonable to be seen by another doctor for a second opinion, but it would require a physical examination to make a diagnosis.
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