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DOC SO FAR TOOK TWO advils its not going away, it actually

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DOC SO FAR TOOK TWO advils its not going away, it actually became more painfull, like it pulsates and every time i move my head it hurts, i feel like the head being squeezed
But that's the kind of headache you've had before and if Advil doesn't help you should stop taking it
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes feels the same its the kind now where its painful to get up looknat the light, but how it would go away without meds

I'm just saying that if Advil doesn't help there's no need to keep taking it. So what is worrying you now about this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

same thing it hurts alot so i lay and thing my head is goung to burst now plus i need to go to work soon

I just can't seem to get the aneurysm thing out of your head, can I? Are you saying you can't work with this headache?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i wprked with it before but imagine lights headache just was very painfull

Well, for now you could try some Excedrin migraine and that might help. Don't worry that this is something dangerous and go ahead and get to work.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

doc i cant take much if this stress. so i told u my daughter had a cold i went wiith her and my son to the doctor on thursday he checked them said cold. well today her fever rectally is 100.2. i will take her to the doctor again on thursday but i am woriied if it too late meaning what if its infection and it will go to her heart.then my son just now says i have a headache gave him advil but all stressed. my headache is not a headache today but i feel pressure. maybe its strss or neck who knows

Here you go again. A rectal temperature of 100.2 is the same as an oral temperature of about 99.9 so that alone isn't a reason to take her to the doctor again and a cold or even the flu doesn't affect the heart. And a headache in your son is something I'm sure he's had before and nothing serious happened. Probably what's going on with you is just neck muscle spasm
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

its just when i feel like crap work and have one kid that says i have a headache the other one is probably getting strep becaus eshe is congested and coughs. on thursday her lungs were clear btw. i lose my mind

Why, when your kid have had all this several times before and got through it fine are you putting yourself in this state of panic? And congestion and coughing doesn't usually lead to strep.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

because when i get sick or something hurts i talk to u and i somehow can control it. when they dont feel good my heart and head are not at the right pkece . cant sleep eat dont know why. but i myself feel pressure in my head also

I already told you the head problem is simply neck muscle spasm. Your kids will be just fine as they have before. Just calm down and rest for now and it's time to close this page with a rating
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