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I have read a report from a someone suffering from blood

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I have read a report from a someone suffering from blood poisoning (similar to amiantosis), that was covered with as much as 450 lipomas that were formed to isolate in his body corrupting agent. Now he did ozone sauna treatment and he was able to drop to 150 lipomas.
I don't have as much lipomas and from what I understand there is different kind of those: mine are fat cell ones. I don't want excisions since there is some many on many different places the doctor said they need to operate every different regions one at a time over several days.
I was wondering if ozone sauna could help for the kind of lipomas I have?
I have heard of similar claim from observation as side effects of hyperbaric chamber treatment that lipomas disapeared as well...
Thank you.

Dear *****eric

Welcome to justanswer

A particular therapy known as" Extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation" has been used to treat lipomas associated with Madelung disease.But unfortunately there has been no large scale study which proves the efficacy of this or similar ozonation therapies for treatment of lipomas associated with Madelung disease or other lipomas.
It would be pertinent to mention here that Madelung is a rare disorder and nature of lipomas associated with Madelung is different from routine lipomas.

There is no good evidence to show efficacy of ozone therapy in cases of routine lipomatosis.
Other non surgical treatments like lipolysis have been suggested and cases have been reported where lipolysis has been used to treat individual lipomas.But how successful this technique would be for treating multiple lipomas is not known.

See links below

Therefore the gold standard treatment at present is surgical removal.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is injection lipolysis a widespread practice if I go see a doctor or will I need to research specific clinic ?

Injection lipolysis is routinely used by plastic surgeons for body sculpting but is not a routine procedure for treatment of lipomas.
You will need to discuss the use of lipolysis technique for lipomas with a plastic surgeon.
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