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Our five year old is in kindergarten this year. Every once

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Our five year old is in kindergarten this year. Every once in awhile he has problems hearing a sound with headphones on in the computer lab. Like he heard T but they were asking for G. He took the screening test the school gives and he passed in normal range. His allergies have been bad off and on. Is this a possible hearing problem or can allergies effect this too. We have never experienced hearing issues at home! Lol
Hi--what exactly was the screening test he had? Has a doctor examined his ears?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Not sure what the test was exactly. He hasn't had his ears looked at by an eat doctor because we haven't noticed any issues. He had the one time in the computer and then in class he is supposed to be giving the beginning and ending sounds of a word and he wasn't able to. My husband and I don't think he understood because we have been working with him since then and he hears the sounds. Don't think he understood. He is a young 5 and these are new concepts for him
OK--I really don't think this is a hearing problem issue but he needs ears physically checked since there could be an allergy problem. It's also possible he doesn't understand the instructions he's given
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
He does have some speech issues with certain sounds and he is starting speech too at school
That could well help with the problem with understanding sounds.
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