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I have a low positive for hep c that was included in a hep

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I have a low positive for hep c that was included in a hep a,b,c panel. I have lupus in my immediate family. I have many lupus symtoms, but not yet diagnosed . I was negative for HEP A, AND B on the test with a low positive for Hep C antibodies. What is the best test for me to take to confirm my situation-tell whether I was exposed; or whether I am indeed Hep C infected. I am very worried because I did have major surgery in early 1980's that surely included a blood transfusion. But I also had a false positive as a plasma donor in the 1990's. Please help
Hi--first off, why were you screened? Can you give me the actual lab results for the hep C screen?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I went and got screened thru Planned Parenthood in a gyno appt. for basically everythng; and had to go to a seperate lab to do a hep test. I did a general hep panel. I mainly was doing it for my own well being , but also am potentially considering a new sexual partner. I have test results, but don't readily understand how to send. How do I attatch the file for you?

OK Trish--I just need to know what the test itself is titled--it probably was an ELISA antibody test--and the actual test result.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hep C antibody-Hep C Ab with result of 11.0; and negative results for Hep A, and Hep B. Consequently my urinalysis from Planned Parenthood showed Protein, and white blood cells in urine- but according to the nurse there- no bacteria. I am worried I may have cause for concern for Lupus Nephritis; as I have an anomally of two collecting ducts instead of one form one of my kidneys, and have had some confusion in interprettion of urinalysis results like this before. I can write out the urinalysis results for you if needed.

Have you been screened for lupus?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have been screened for ANA's several years ago; and by the time I was able to do the blood draw I was feeling better- but had ANA levels right at questionable. I don't still have those test results. The doctor told me because I didn't have a the skin rash on the face that I didn't have lupus. My sister has been diagnosed and now her daughter and neither have a the facial rash/scar. I had and apendicitis ; and part of my large intestine removed due to a polyp in the 1980's surgery. I frequently have a very sore nostril as well; and am anemic. I sound like a mess I apologize. I am going to be getting insurance asap; but with the ACA and all the changes with insurance I am wondering if I may have to prolong care if this is all considered preexisting.Thanks for your patience.

Well the urinalysis sounds more like being indicative of a urinary tract infection and you do need a total lupus screen when that can be done. As for the hep C issue, I think you really are not truly positive for that but a definitive test for it would be the RT-PCR. And with the ACA preexisting disorders don't count as to being able to get health insurance
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you . The nurse gave me a three course of bactim for the urinary. I will be working on the insurance; but I need immediate answers for these issues. What is the best and most definitive Lupus test that I can get?

ANA, Rheumatoid Factor, sed rate, and C reactive protein. Let me know how it goes, Trish
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would like to stay in contact with you in the event that I do not get insured before Jan. 1 2014. I am going to go forward with more blood testing going on your advice for more detailed Hep c, and more detailed Lupus tests you have recommended. I greatly appreciate your help.

My pleasure Trish. Even after you rate my service to you on this page, it will stay open or you can use a new page using the link above my photo
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