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Ok just tell me i did have a break maybe two weeks no

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Ok just tell me i did have a break maybe two weeks no headaches and then tjis now. My mom says u got ussed to advil then she said i have osteohondros of tje neck, she said i need shots like she does of botox in my head it lasts her a year. I took two sdvils two hours ago and its still same just dull with ocasionalpulsating
What exactly are you asking here?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i guess one more reasurance thats its notntoo serious. i watched the commercial and it says people who have 15or more headaches a monthits called migraines. sometimrs its just hurts alot and it scary. especially when i clean and have to go ip and down

OK--again, we're talking the type of headache that completely floors someone--so painful you can't really move or function. When did you last talk to your doctor about these headaches?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

well a couple of month ago she referred me to neurologis but i couldnt make an appt because of work. i was diagnosed two years ago after catscan and neuronexam with primary tension secondary migraine was prescribed feurocet but it was too much for me .can aneurisms happen to anyone or is that someone born woth or needs to do to trigger

Basically you are born with aneurysms or they start at a very early age and there are no "trigger" that cause them
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so basically no way of knowing if u have it. if i had ct they would have seen it or no . i know u probably think i am nuts first heart then cancer now back to aneurism

The ct would have shown one if you had one so basically you don't have one so you really need to let that fear go. Time for a rating again
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