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I am 54 year old health male. About three weeks ago, I

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I am 54 year old health male.

About three weeks ago, I caught my finger in a car door. The problem is, when this happened, because my finger was actually stuck there in a car that was about to move, between the pain and wanting to make sure the driver didn't drive off, I screamed, possibly longer and louder than ever have in my life.

Immediately after, my throat was sore. I could feel almost one little specific sore spot in my throat. Day by day, it got better. However, I have two things which I understand would logically impede healing. First, I am a tutor and spend an average of 4-5 hours per day speaking. Also, my hobby is singing, and I have been singing at least every other day. Some days I notice the pain less than others, but it is still there. And when I sing my force starts off a little gravelly.

I have to admit I like the slightly scratchy sound that is produced in my voice now (a bit of Rod Stewart that I have always admired in him) but the problem is the pain in my throat, one that is worse when I wake up, gets better when I drink water with lemon.

Just wondering whether it sounds more like I did something to my throat that requires treatment or more like I injured my voice and have never really allowed it to heal. I am going on vacation tomorrow for six days, and my plan is to speak as little as possible and drink more water than I have been.

One thing that may be related -- for maybe a year now, every couple of days after eating, I notice some mucus in my voice, and I can cough it out. I have assumed this is acid reflux. (I don't have any other heartburn symptoms.) So I am wondering whether maybe the potential acid reflux issue is delaying the healing in my voice as well. So I was thinking of taking an over-the-counter reflux medication for a few days too.

And I know I should be drinking tons of water, (both for my voice and the reflux, probably) which, to be honest, I have been too lazy to do until now.

Welcome to justanswer

From the history you have provided it seems that you did injure your vocal cord and because of long hours of speaking and singing the vocal cords have been unable to heal well.
I would suggest that you give proper rest to your voice as you have planned.In most cases voice rest should allow the injury to heal.

Acid reflux may not be an issue here as you did not have any throat symptoms prior to the screaming episode.Mucus production by itself does not necessarily mean reflux. Mucus production is in fact a continuous process whereby our lungs clean the airways by producing the mucus and sweeping it out with all the pollutants trapped in airways.

Please ask if you have any more specific queries.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well, just to address, the mucus and cough thing. When it started, I got worried, thinking lung cancer. So I researched it, and because of happening mostly after eating, and because once I clear my throat that's the end of it, I assumed it was related to reflux. Anything I should be more concerned with?

Dear Harvey
Thanks for your reply.

Nothing from your history seems concerning.I feel that you just need some rest and some more time to be all right.
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