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I got my recent blood test which showed elevated level of

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Hi, I got my recent blood test which showed elevated level of serum creatinine 118 umol/L. I am 35 years old, 69 kg, 180 cm tall. Serum sodium , potassium and urea levels are normal. Is it a strong indication that I have kidney decease? Doktor advised to repeat test in few weeks...Should I be careful now with medication- I am taking now Buscopan for my IBS. Can I do sports? I am a mountaneer climbing high peaks 4000-5000 m, but since it is very hectic sport I guess I better should abandon it. Thanks
Hi--just to check what's the normal creatinine range given for that lab?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it says normal range [62-106] umol/L

OK. I would first recheck the levels as you doctor will since if could be lower next time. At this point you may have early mild renal failure and if the level is still elevated later you need a 24 hour creatinine clearance test and an ultrasound of your kidneys. No need to adjust your medication for now and you can still be just as athletic and active as you have been
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