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My Father-In-Law is Canadian and. If he were to come live

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My Father-In-Law is Canadian and I am American.
If he were to come live with me in FLorida and something goes wrong with his health, i.e coma or heart issues or accident, and he was taken to the ER, would they treat him? Is he responsible for the bill? What exactly happens? Do they treat him or disregard him till death?
I am an ER doctor.
We have to treat everyone regardless of nationality, race, insurance status, etc.
We actually do not ask for your insurance up front. I don't know why there is this misperception.
We treat him like everyone else. If he needs a cardiac cath, he gets it. If he needs an appendectomy- done.
Yes, he is responsible for the bill and this can be quite expensive.
So I would highly recommend getting health insurance for him. You can get through canada or through the USA. But if he is living with you permanently, I would consider local options since he will need a regular doctor, etc..

I hope this helped

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the info.

What if he does not have insurance?

Do they bill Canada?

no, they do not bill canada. they bill him.

The Canadian government is not responsible for his health care abroad. Only in Canada

I hope this helped

please leave positive feedback if it did :-)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thus if they billed him say (100k), and he could not pay the full amount due to unemployment or even health concerns, what would the next step be? Deported? he is regarded as a foreigner.

They may ask you to pay for it. But they would not deport him. Billing is not related to immigration.
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Hi I was just checking to see how you and your father in law are doing...
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi there.

Thanks for the care. We are not doing do good. I just spoke with his insurance company. He does not qualify for Medical Insurance outside Canada because he is taking a `water-pill``. He is diabetic who had an angioplasty. I have not a clue what comes next. I can not leave him here and fly to Florida.... Any ideas

There is always a company which will insure him. It just costs more