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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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My husband is experiencing pain in his down his left leg. He

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My husband is experiencing pain in his down his left leg. He is taking voltaren, but still hurting. He missed a bus last Thursday, and had to walk about 4 1/2 miles to get his ride. Now his leg has been bothering him. We have iced it for two days. It got a little better, but he is still feeling pain. He thinks the ice might have made it worse?
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray, MD : it does sound likely that his unexpected long walk may have been his cause...
Anthony Bray, MD : he may have some lower back issues with nerve root compression as one possibility ....

Hi Dr. Bray,

Anthony Bray, MD : The Voltaren may be helpful if he has inflammatory change contributing to stenosis of nerve roots at the lower spine level...

This is Nancy Donally. My husband suffered a stroke last year. His right side was affected. I think he may have picked up something that was too heavy, and pulled his back. He hurt his back about 8-10 days ago. He also has a TBI injury and take Tylenol #3 for pain.

Anthony Bray, MD : his leg is not swollen is it?? No redness of his leg?? Calf not tender?? These could be symptoms of blood clot-- DVT...
Anthony Bray, MD : I see ... Yes back strain would be most common cause of this type pain ...

Leg is not swollen, no redness, but his calf is very tender to the touch.

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok if calf tender but not swollen then a strain of muscle could be cause ...

I remember he strained his back a few weeks ago. and now his sciatic nerve is hurting.

Anthony Bray, MD : if muscle strain then rest / anti-inflammatory/ ice packs for 15 minutes / muscle relaxant like Skelaxin ( Rx ) may be helpful
Anthony Bray, MD : i would see how it develops over next several days ...
Anthony Bray, MD : muscle strain usually getting better by one week out...

Ok. He also takes 2.5 mg. of lisinopril for his blood pressure. Is it ok for him to take muscle relaxer. Ice is ok to keep using.

Anthony Bray, MD : nerve injury of back may be more stubborn...
Anthony Bray, MD : Yes muscle relaxant ok with high blood pressure and ACE inhibitor as well ...
Anthony Bray, MD : YES--- ice OK -- avoid prolonged exposure -- 15 minutes at a time and may repeat several times a day --- don't want to add frostbite to problems...

Ok. So use ice 15 minutes, rest, than 15 for no more than one hour?

Anthony Bray, MD : Would use ice pack up to 15 minutes straight -- would wait minimum 30 minutes before another application..
Anthony Bray, MD : he may benefit from mild pain reliever such as Rx Ultram too plus Voltaren...

My husband was taking a 81 mg. aspirin a day, but stopped taking aspirin after he started on the voltaren. I was told you should not take aspiring with voltaren because of possibly stomach bleeding. But he takes the aspirin for his blood.

Anthony Bray, MD : well the 81 mg aspirin helps reduce risk stroke or heart attack by 21% but this small dose plus Voltaren would not significantly increase GI risk beyond the Voktaren itself...
Anthony Bray, MD : so watch for GI symptoms -- take these with food---
Anthony Bray, MD : would prefer Celebrex as lower GI risk...

Ok. So he can take his aspirin. I will have him take them at separate times.

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok that is fine!

What is Celebrex for?

Anthony Bray, MD : It is another NSAID ( anti- inflammatory) it is less likely to irritate stomach lining vs Voltaren...
Anthony Bray, MD : Mobic and Arthrotec are options for lower GI risk...
Anthony Bray, MD : Arthrotec has Voltaren in it plus GI protectant ...
Anthony Bray, MD : These others are more expensive... Risk is less with NSAID if use us short term...

We will ask his doctor for this medication. Sounds like it is much better because of the protectant. Ok. My husband's said thank very much for all your help.

Anthony Bray, MD : Topical cream such as Asoercream may also help reduce pain perception....
Anthony Bray, MD : You both are very welcome!!
Anthony Bray, MD : i hope that he feels better soon!!
Anthony Bray, MD : very best regards !!
Anthony Bray, MD : Aspercream... Typo!!

Great. We will go buy the Aspercream. Typo, I know I do the same. Type too fast sometimes. Have a great night doctor.

Anthony Bray, MD : Thank you and you as well!! Take Care!!
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